Does Army Have Any Regulations vs. Previous Treatment or Rehab When It Comes to in-Listing?

Question by Hyundai Mike: Does Army have any regulations VS. previous treatment or rehab when it comes to in-listing?
I tried to join Air Force but since I got out of treatment for my drinking they said I couldn’t join for 2 years, which would put me over the age limit…. So….. because i tried to better myself and do something with my life i get punished? Does other branches have the same rule?

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Answer by Dave G
I wouldn’t disclose that information while going through in-processing. The behavior just doesn’t reflect the characteristics the army is interested in even if it puts you in a positive direction. The prior history may even require a waiver. I’m an army officer and unless you have alcohol related crimes I would keep that part to yourself. MEPS can be intimidating but I bet you can figure out the responses they’re looking for. btw, its enlisting, not in-listing. Good luck to you.

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2 Responses to Does Army Have Any Regulations vs. Previous Treatment or Rehab When It Comes to in-Listing?

  • Wayne C says:

    They all have the exact same rules that DoD prescribes.

    Look up AR 40-501. While it is a Army Reg it is just a easy to read print of the DoD Standards. You can downlaod the PDF and get thru the whole thing in a couple of hours.

  • Justin says:

    Try It has regulations and s**t bro.

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