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Jordan Belfort the Real Wolf of Wall Street Raw Footage


Jordan Belfort The Real Wolf Of Wall Street Raw Footage – The Wolf of Wall Street vividly remembers he was so stoned out of his mind at that mahogany-laden restaurant with the imposing edifice, while savoring a bott…


Any Good Ideas for Articles to Go in a School Newspaper?

Question by : Any good ideas for articles to go in a school newspaper?
I’m a junior in high school and I’m in Newspaper. It seems like we are running out of ideas for interesting articles. We have enough things in there about just current events and upcoming holidays, I’m looking for ideas more along the lines of something that would fill up a page and give the reader insight into something or even make them laugh. I would appreciate any and all suggestions.

For people who may have found this because they themselves were looking for ideas, I’ve written stuff/seen articles written by classmates about:

Need a Test Prep Book, or an Old Test Of, the CAADE (California Assoc of Alcohol and Drug…?

Question by : Need a test prep book, or an old test of, the CAADE (California Assoc of Alcohol and Drug…?
…Abuse Educators) test. Thanks.
Am finding everything in the world but the CAADE test. Can you point me in the right direction?

Best answer:

Answer by carabids
The CAADE uses the CATC exam. They do not provide a practice exam and old exams are not released because questions get recycled. There are only minimal support materials available for free, unfortunately. There are sample items in the exam handbook (http://caade.org/CATC_Candidate_Information_Book2007.pdf), and they also recommend that you use TIP 21 to prepare. These is free. TIP 21: http://kap.samhsa.gov/products/manuals/pdfs/TAP21.pdf.

FDA Approves Biogen’s Oral MS Drug, Tecfidera – Reuters – Today’s News


FDA approves Biogen’s oral MS drug, Tecfidera – Reuters – Today’s News – Today News By Toni Clarke. WASHINGTON | Wed Mar 27, 2013 5:10pm EDT. WASHINGTON (Reuters) U.S. regulators on Wednesday approved a new multiple sclerosis drug…


Keratin Straightening Treatment Causing Cancer?

Question by J: Keratin straightening treatment causing cancer?
Can the Keratin straightening treatment cause cancer if used twice? I used 4-EVER SMOOTH BRAZILIAN KERATIN TREATMENT. I was told it was 100% safe and natural. So I didn’t think about wearing gloves when applying it since I usually apply hair dyes with bare hands. I used it twice in 1 week the 2nd time after the 4 days were up because I wanted straight hair and it was not working. The 2nd time I had an opened wound and it got into it which hurt a lot it also hurt my eyes (fumes) thats when I got suspicious that it was not chemical free. I looked it up and saw it did have formaldehyde. So now I am worried 🙁

Should Doctors Being Treated for Drug Addiction Be Allowed to Practice…without Telling You ?

Question by moon_flower_unicorn_power: Should doctors being treated for drug addiction be allowed to practice…without telling you ?

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Answer by Patrick
NO! The problem with doctors is that other doctor are their review board and they don’t want to get their friends in trouble. My goodness the courts make Brittany Spears take drug tests to be near her children and they’ll let doctors continue to use drugs and do open heart surgery. This has to change. The doctors need to leave their profession until and unless they get help, get their lives back in order and then go on a program where they are regularly tested for the rest of their professional career.