Any Good Ideas for Articles to Go in a School Newspaper?

Question by : Any good ideas for articles to go in a school newspaper?
I’m a junior in high school and I’m in Newspaper. It seems like we are running out of ideas for interesting articles. We have enough things in there about just current events and upcoming holidays, I’m looking for ideas more along the lines of something that would fill up a page and give the reader insight into something or even make them laugh. I would appreciate any and all suggestions.

For people who may have found this because they themselves were looking for ideas, I’ve written stuff/seen articles written by classmates about:

*A Tribute to The Beatles (basically the history of any popular band)
*America’s Caffeine Addiction
*Texting & Cell Phone Clichés
*Several Book/Movie/Album/Videogame Reviews
*Faces in the Crowd (ask a funny question to students, quote their answer, include face shots)
*Weird New Technology
*This or That (poll a classroom with “this or that” questions, include questions, possible answers, and winning answers)
*A Humorous/Informational Look at Social Networking Websites
*How Your Job Can Interfere with School
*Fictional Short Stories (great way to quickly fill up a page)
*Something each issue over any current/upcoming holiday
*Crossword Puzzle/Word Search (if you really need something to fill half a column. You can have these made for you online)
*The Dangers of Tanning/Piercing/Tattoos
*Spotlight on a student active in the community, or foreign exchange student
*Get to Know Your Lunch Ladies (made everyone lol)
*Weird New Laws in Your State

Just think about anything that YOU would want to read about!

Best answer:

Answer by rclandestine
-Nostradamus is an interesting topic…
-Celebrity birthdays
-“Today in history” blurb about significant past events
-Guess the teacher, great if you can get baby pictures or old yearbook pics
-Resume writing and job hunting tips/interview tips
-Money management (humorous and informational take)
-Spotlight on different cool volunteer jobs around the city
-Health issues like safe sex, smoking, drugs, etc-
-Sex issue at Valentine’s Day with relationships, sexuality, safe sex, STI’s, etc–Controversial especially if you live in a conservative city, but GUARANTEED to get people’s interest!
-Eating disorders (would be awesome if you can find someone who had one who would be willing to tell her story)
-Personal advice column with common teen issues
-Fashion column where you profile a different student every issue, showcasing clothes, jewellery, etc–Great to raise appreciation of all the styles out there!

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