Need a Test Prep Book, or an Old Test Of, the CAADE (California Assoc of Alcohol and Drug…?

Question by : Need a test prep book, or an old test of, the CAADE (California Assoc of Alcohol and Drug…?
…Abuse Educators) test. Thanks.
Am finding everything in the world but the CAADE test. Can you point me in the right direction?

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Answer by carabids
The CAADE uses the CATC exam. They do not provide a practice exam and old exams are not released because questions get recycled. There are only minimal support materials available for free, unfortunately. There are sample items in the exam handbook (, and they also recommend that you use TIP 21 to prepare. These is free. TIP 21:

You can take a class, but it costs. According to the CAADE Spring 2008 newsletter (, the following have prep classes:

Training Institute for Addiction Counselors, Lakewood, CA 562-461-9446
Craig Wetzl, San Francisco City College
Gayle Bayock, West LA College
Cathi Schulte, San Diego City College

They also list prep classes on their website at

CAADE doesn’t endorse any class, they just say that they know about these.

Sorry there isn’t more out there. These credentialing exams are a real pain, and good moneymakers for those in the know, unfortunately. Hope this helps, and best of luck to you.

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