Jordan Belfort the Real Wolf of Wall Street Raw Footage


Jordan Belfort The Real Wolf Of Wall Street Raw Footage – The Wolf of Wall Street vividly remembers he was so stoned out of his mind at that mahogany-laden restaurant with the imposing edifice, while savoring a bott…


24 Responses to Jordan Belfort the Real Wolf of Wall Street Raw Footage

  • Los Angels says:

    He only served 2 years because he is a Jew…otherwise 20 years?

  • Mack Lack says:

    Served 22 months? I know folks that served that much for an ounce of pot in
    the 60’s…?

  • Diana Burnwood says:

    worthless scumbag?

  • Serge Sucre says:

    Who would served 22 month in a jail for life that he had ? ?

  • Mike Ox says:

    You guys act as if Jordan is the first guy to take advantage of stupid
    people. All business and marketing is, is manipulating uninformed people.
    The ones he ripped off were gullible and fell for his shit. ?

  • The2005rwb says:

    Jordan Belfort Did Nothing Wrong?

  • raybbaby says:

    Guy was and is a scumbag. You should talk to some of the old people who are
    now struggling to survive after this shitbag bilked them out of their
    lifesavings! Scumbag!?

  • Call of Duty Audience says:

    after watching the movie i finally understood why the jews were being
    gassed in ww2.?

  • Andres Rodriguez says:

    22 months ha! u get more time in jail for j walking lol?

  • Arrivald says:

    damn, he was a baller. he sure isn’t a good moral example but having balls
    to live your fantasy is inspiring.?

  • John Iat says:

    Penny Stocks & short selling them is still around more than ever & more
    profitable than ever & still not exactly regulated.. actually today no-one
    gives a [email protected]$t there is just too much money being made now short selling
    companies to stop the beast !!

    Jordan is a freakin genius !! could he even imagine back then, that Pump &
    Dump would become so huge 20 years later !! i dont even think Jordan has
    realized how huge Pump & Dump has become in the market now..

    Jordan shouldn’t be ashamed about anything, he only took advantage of
    typical gullible American investors & the greed that exists in them at the
    time…Even after this movie, people still dont get it & will still fall
    for penny stocks.. they are right now !!!

    You snooze you lose, those are the only rules the market has… period
    Iam sure Jordan could have called Warren Buffet, but you wouldn’t see
    Warren fall for some dude trying to sell him penny stocks over the phone,
    cmon dudes !!?

  • superdudeman666 says:

    People who are inspired by this douchebag are gullible idiots who think
    they too can become as lucky as him through scamming and doing drugs. Good
    luck dipshits! ?

  • NearlyDedicated says:

    I don’t think the lesson of Jordan Belfort is to get stoned out of your
    mind and hope you’re lucky. I don’t admire that in him. What I DO admire,
    is that he did it on his own. He started the firm, had a game plan, and
    knew what he was doing and how to do it.

    Don’t get me wrong. He’s an ass wipe. But you CAN learn from ass wipes.?

  • Robert Kokas says:

    wtf I thought he was a rich educated white guy not some fucking guido with
    a staten island accent…?

  • Frankie DiChicco says:

    That guy loves the sound of his own voice, especially amplified. Once he’s
    paid back the £110 million in restitution to elderly couples for what
    should have been their retirement, mothers and fathers who put money by for
    their kids to go to college, into his pocket and dump them and everyone
    else inbetween, then, only then, should this mutt have a voice?

  • Bat K says:

    1:23, the best balancing while plastered ever committed to film?

  • encarsiaformosa says:

    22 months??? The cocaine abuse alone should have sent him behind bars for a
    long, long time.?

  • 1900maniac says:

    We’ll he reached his goal, he is a legend now?

  • thamer gucci says:

    Disgusting jews?

  • Craig Kaliel says:

    He served 22 months because he became an FBI informant and told on everyone
    else. So fuck off with the “he’s a jew” comments.?

  • Heylee says:

    All you guys say that this guy is a scumbag, but we all know that you would
    do anything to get that rich. And that means scam stupid gullible people
    into to buying something as most salesmen do. He just succeeded more than
    others. He’s a fucking genius. ?

  • Mariam Ab says:

    Yes it is?

  • Sam West says:

    These guy looks waaaaaaaaaay too good for being a doper and womanizer. He
    should be in the ground by now. Don’t believe the guy.

  • Brett Jones says:

    Isn’t this guy kind of the embodiment of Tea Party ideology and Ayn Randian
    “Objectivism?” He was looking out for his own self-interest, so how could
    what he did be morally objectionable? Why isn’t he running for President in

    Belfort/Koch 2016!?

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