Definition of Drugs


Definition of Drugs – A short video outlining definitions of drugs and reasons why people choose to use drugs.


HealthWACH: Doctors on drugs

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The word addiction is used in several ways. One definition describes physical addiction. This refers to the biological state in which the body adapts to the presence of a drug so the drug no longer has the same effect, also known as tolerance. Because …
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Telling the truth about drugs and injection sites

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As a general rule, it seems to me that free people should be allowed to use intoxicants if they feel like it as long as they're not a danger to others, but addiction complicates the definition of “free” a whole lot. I don't know what's best on that …
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  • jimsimon73 says:

    This was specifically made for a year 11 group working on illegal drugs. Of course? many legal drugs can be equally harmful, this is covered later in the course.

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