You Ever Feel Ashamed the Morning After Heavy Drinking and Partying?

Question by Pushtostart: You ever feel ashamed the morning after heavy drinking and partying?
you ever think back on the night before (well what you can remember from it) all crazy things you did and feel sort of ashamed? That mixed with a hangover. I get that sometimes, doesn’t stop me from going back and partying again tho.

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Answer by Mo
Depends on how many fat chicks/dudes you woke up next to.

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27 Responses to You Ever Feel Ashamed the Morning After Heavy Drinking and Partying?

  • Suburbian C says:

    I honestly feel horrible when me and my friends come back from a party or a club and my a$ $ and back hurts like hell from dancing with guys…..and even worse I go to church like that too. I even had an injury from dancing the dude fractured my tailbone it was so shameful but hey you only live once and the party was fun!

  • HandBanana says:

    No… That has never happened.

    I’ve been embarrassed that when I drink, I can’t shut the fu*k up so I just talk and talk and talk… But I’ve never been “Ashamed” of anything I have done.

    Women that try to say “The booze made me table dance” or “The weed made me blow every guy at the party” are liars… Booze/Drugs don’t make you do things… It isn’t “Controlling” you… It is letting you act out the repetition compulsion that is the result of trauma in your family of origin… It lets you overtly cause the same chaos that you would have done in the long run if you had been sober.

    Alcohol only makes you do what you would normally do but at a much faster and more overt manner.

    The fact that people feel ashamed of themselves and keep doing it indicates that they have the genetics for addiction… Addiction isn’t how much you use, it is the continuation of behavior in the face of mounting consequences.

    Even if you only drink once a month, if you drink to blacking out every time you do drink and feel shame the next day yet that doesn’t stop you the next time, you have the biology of addiction and will only continue on the path, escalating the use and the behavior, until you bottom out and something makes you seek treatment.

    If you understand your biology NOW, while you are not really doing all that much damage to your organs (including brain damage) you can learn to control your urges OR seek treatment early and nip the cycle in the bud, before it leads to major problems in your life…

    Listen to Doctor Drew and LoveLine
    (I recommend 2000 – 2004, those are the really funny years.)

    And you will see that you are following a VERY predictable path and pathology… If you don’t… I hope you remember this post and hear my voice in your head saying “I FU*KING TOLD YOU SO!” Be it full blown addiction, an STD, a pregnancy, cancer, or just the DT’s… I told you so.

  • Well Hello ? says:

    oh god…. nearly everytime :/

    thinking back on the things, i did, the night before. Or worse when someone tells you what you did.
    Yes sometimes i feel ashamed. Definetly when i end up making out with some guy, who i found out the next day, was 14 years older than myself -__-
    never felt more blegh. but i got over it, and think of it as an experience, that i wont relive.

    Im lucky, dont get hangovers 🙂 But none of its stops me either, from going back adn doing it all again 🙂

  • singinglady48 says:

    WOW I agree with you 100% well said? well said Dr Jeff Your understanding is amazing. Clearly youv’e been there. I love you and bless you I am an RN and without Suboxone I would have accidentally OD’d , which I had done before. I honor you and THANK YOU for your clarity and wisdom, born, I’m sure, from your own suffering!

  • Alex frazier says:

    I was using 16 mg a day and? I decided to quit (no diminution ) I took my last 16 mg the day before I went to rehab. I stayed 2 weeks and I just got out today, the first week was perfect, I was sleeping 16 hours a day, the second week I started to feel hyper emotional and I’m having trouble sleeping. I will laugh my ass off to tears but if something upsets me, I’ll go in to a rage. right now my legs are restless and I can’t sleep, I’ll try to hang in there for an other week and see how things go.

  • anthony thompson says:

    im an addict of pain pills. it started when i got toxic shock syndrome 6? years ago… the doctors kept me dosed up in dahladid, morphine and demeral. now im on percacet 30mg. i take, snort 3 to 4 a day now. ive tried the detoxing method but im way beyond that now.the only help women get in my town is to sit in jail and detox. cant handle that. so now im at a lose for answers. is there anyway to get ahold of you? my e-mail is [email protected]. thank you.

  • anphelps27 says:

    Can you smoke weed? while weaning off suboxone?

  • waltzingpeter says:

    Hi there I’m on 1 mg buprenorphine daily for maintainance and since I? take it early in the morning i’m feeling really unpleasant in the evening, is it not enough for my tolerance?

  • waltzingpeter says:

    Hi there I’m on 1 mg buprenorphine daily for? maintainance and since I take it early in the morning i’m feeling really unpleasant in the evening, is it not enough for my tolerance?

  • ohpineapples says:

    Very, very good viedo Dr. God Bless you for you taking your time to talk to us & help us all. I think they should pay you for what you do here on youtube as you deserve it! Eveytime I see one of your videos I get more encouraged to stay clean. I thought it was “fun” while taking pain pills, but it’s nothing as fun as being Clean : ) Clean is great! Life is Better without drugs.? God Bless You!

  • Jeffrey Junig says:

    A very complicated question– detoxing from methadone using buprenorphine. The bottom line is that there is no free lunch– lowering tolerance and withdrawal MUST go together, as the process is one and the same in the brain. Any use of bupe will only change the PATTERN of the misery over a period fo time– it will not reduce the overall level of misery. The same has been shown in studies with rapid detox– the part that you ‘sleep through’ is a small fraction? of the total experience of w/d.

  • T Berger says:

    I have a friend out here in Seattle where I live who has been a serious heroin addict for many years, and he is currently on subs, and it really seems like it’s working for him pretty well, so hopefully he won’t relapse. I have my own problems with xanax addiction. Not abuse of it, but 8 years addicted. IMPOSSIBLE to get? off, especially for someone like myself with limited means, no $ for rehab

  • Jeffrey Junig says:

    I used to be anti-methadone but after seeing the destruction from opiate addiction for so many years, I endorse ANYTHING that keeps people alive. And I will never see either as handcuffs– it is? OPIATE ADDICTION that is the handcuffs, and methadone or buprenorphine are ways to reduce the misery caused by the handcuffs. That is the mistake I see people make who hate bupe– their ADDICTION is their permanent problem. But people need something to blame other then blaming their own mistakes.

  • T Berger says:

    I’m not endorsing methadone, I’m just saying that to be fair, when listening to your video here, it’s almost like you were saying that their? weren’t any other options until subs. People didn’t have to hit a bottom to take methadone. They call methadone liquid handcuffs, but I have a feeling that subs will handcuff people as well.

  • Jeffrey Junig says:

    Oops– partially guilty! Actually, methadone treatment was legalized as an exception to the Harrison Act in 1972. Before then, using? it to treat addiction was illegal– at least in the US, as it was for all opiate agonists. DATA 2000 for buprenorphine (actually for any schedule III opiate) was the second exception to the Harrison Act. But you are correct– I shouldn’t have disregarded it… although it will always have ‘second class’ status because of the way it started i.e. inner cities.

  • T Berger says:

    Jeff, you say that before subs, their? was nothing really available, duh, what about methadone? It’s been around for like 70 years

  • SpiritofVersaille says:

    hey man, please tell me how things went. i felt the same way and im 5 days off after 1.4yrs on subox, before that methadone,? before that heroin.

  • allissongaffney says:

    Hey i know that feeling. Opiates in general give you a false happiness, throwing? your chemical balances off. When you start the journey of detoxing, or quitting your happiness and other emotions will flip flop. Like being bipolar. The best thing you can do is talk to your dr, or psychiatrist. Tell them exactly what you feel. You came very far to throw in the towel. God bless, and good luck

  • Jeffrey Junig says:

    I would consider that your depression is unrelated to Suboxone– there are some people using it ‘off label’ for depression (not something I recommend, but you can read about it on my blog). If anything, it seems to elevate mood a bit. I would suggest staying on Suboxone so you don’t have to worry about relapse, and? treat your addiction properly with an SSRI.

  • blaisetheman says:

    ive been using suboxone for 9 months and in the last 4 ive been so incredibly depressed i want to to be off suboxone very soon, but i’m very afraid ill make it 6 months and ruin everything.? im currently in law school and know a relapse would ruin everything

  • sisterwin2 says:

    Just fyi for you and other addicts. Yes its illegal in the USA but not in Canada, Mexico UK Caribbean In fact only ilegal in USA, Belgium and I think Sweeden. So no need to put oneself in jeparody of the law just step over the? boader. I do thank you for your time in teaching those about addiction. I just dont agree that one can not survive without replacement

  • Jeffrey Junig says:

    I wish you the best as well. I have come to? see ‘staying clean’ as either using meetings to induce and hold a ‘fake personality’ or using buprenorphine to induce and maintain ‘fake neurochemistry’… I tend to see the addicted person as a ‘permanent problem’ that needs a long-term solution. Ibogaine is a schedule I’, meaning that even possession can result in years in prison… so I doubt I will ever get to try it! But if it works for you, I have no problem with that. Addiction stinks!

  • sisterwin2 says:

    I do understand why you would not put your own personal health care out there for the public…. but just wondering how anyone would stop thier addiction from raising it ugly head….. the human spirit can not be held down if one seeks healing. Just as you stay away from that next hit of dope, I pray that I do. I feel pretty confident that I will not relapse? as you must feel confident w/o a opiate to satisfy my receptors.

  • Jeffrey Junig says:

    Ibogaine research: An ibogaine research project by the National Institute on Drug Abuse was abandoned in 1995, citing other reports that suggested a risk of brain damage with extremely high doses and fatal heart arrhythmia in patients having a history of health problems, as well as inadequate funding for ibogaine development within their budget. However, NIDA funding for ibogaine research continues in indirect grants often? cited in peer-reviewed ibogaine publications.

  • Jeffrey Junig says:

    I never speak of my current health care, given the profile that I am developing, the people who for some reason love to take shots at me, and my own privacy. My question for you was rhetorical, in response to your ibogaine comments. There is good info about Ibogaine on Wikipedia that I recommend for others; one? concern is that the potency is hard to know, given that the chemical is destroyed in the presence of oxygen. See the next comment as well:

  • sisterwin2 says:

    suboxdoc….. how are you preventing a relapse? ? Are you taking suboxone?

  • sisterwin2 says:

    I am hopeing I can pass this on…. my brother is preparing now for the same treatment…. he has been on suboxone for over a yr…? suffering daily attempting to wean off. Already in wd, has been for the last three month though not near as intense as Herion wd, just very lingering. I hope he post how Ibogain works for him

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