Drug Addiction: Asking for Help Can Be Hard Because of Pride


Drug Addiction: Asking For Help Can Be Hard Because Of Pride – http://www.encognitive.com Kevan Lyons discusses how hard it can be for addicts to ask for help because of pride. Admitting we have a problem is the first st…


Fighting meth addiction with hard drugs

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In interviews with the domestic press, the minister has said the leaf could help wean Thais off meth, which has exploded in popularity across Southeast Asia. The legal status of kratom is now under review in Thailand. “There's never been a single death …
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ACA could help addicts get clean

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In a major break with the past, 4 million people with drug and alcohol problems – from homeless drug addicts to working moms who drink too much – will suddenly become eligible for insurance coverage under the new health care overhaul. The number of …
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Ada community comes together to help prevent substance abuse

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ADA, OK — Drug overdoses now kill more Oklahomans than motor vehicle accidents – an average of two per day. The State Health Department says prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing problem in Oklahoma. With nearly 81% of unintentional …
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