Why Do Human Genes Seem to Be Flawed More Than Other Animal Genes?

Question by EXPLORE THE TRUTH: Why do human genes seem to be flawed more than other animal genes?
SCIENTISTS are hard at work to try to find genetic causes for alcoholism, drug addiction, promiscuity, violence, other aberrant behavior, and even for death itself. Would it not be a relief to find that we are not responsible for our actions but are merely victims of biology? It is human nature to blame someone or something else for our errors.

If the genes are to blame, scientists hold out the possibility of changing them, eliminating undesirable traits through genetic engineering. The recent success in mapping the entire human genome has given such aspirations new impetus.


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Answer by Great Gazoo
They aren’t. We just have more free time.

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14 Responses to Why Do Human Genes Seem to Be Flawed More Than Other Animal Genes?

  • idoubtit2 says:

    Maybe the original designer was flawed! Aliens have been here before!

  • The All-Seeing BrokenEye says:

    Scientists KNOW what the cause of alchoholism and drug addiction is, and it has NOTHING to do with genetics. Know what it is? Availability. Critters love getting drunk too, but have to rely on any fermented fruit their able to find, which isn’t nearly as prevalent as liquor. Then again, monkeys and elephants have both learned to steal liquor from humans. Drunk elephants are actually quite a common hazard in areas where elephants live.

  • Sirensong sunshine says:

    blame is a strange word to use!

    What gene science tells us is that some people have a genetic predisposition for certain things, addictive behaviour being one of those things. Don’t believe what you read in the papers!

  • Lalapef Melfofo says:

    It also proves Science can never know the divine

  • HonestUser says:

    SOunds like a special on this history channel.

  • Bongernet says:

    But drunkards and druggies have made contributions to society.

  • Old Man from Scene 24 says:

    If goldfish made up rules that made some of the things they normally do into sins, would that suddenly make their genes more flawed?

  • me says:

    human genes are not more flawed

  • majnun99 says:

    I agree with the answer about “free time.” Humans have the capacity to change their own living conditions, so they find other things to worry about.

  • Jason R says:

    fruit fly genes are pretty funny too

  • Quizzard says:

    Animals which are faulty for whatever reason are often destroyed, and most live very short lives in any event. There is no evidence whatsoever that humans have any more or less genetic flaws than any other animal.

    In any event, some ‘flaws’ may not in fact BE flaws. There is some discussion these days about autism not being a ‘mistake’ for instance, but possibly a beneficial mutation, a tiny step in evolution, Man 4.01 if you will. That a genetic difference causes societal problems does not necessarily man that it is a step backwards, it may be simply a misunderstood step forward.

  • It's your truth, you prove it. says:

    It’s just nature. We’re no different than other animals, just more self aware and our ability to plan ahead is stronger.

    We do have control over these things much more than other animals. So yeah… I do to an extent blame the person for making poor choices and not getting the help they need. We have much more resources at our disposal than other animals. As far as addictions go, you also have to consider the addictive properties of drugs and alcohol. Drug/alcohol abuse usually stems from depression and the individual is subconsciously self medicating to raise their endorphin levels.

    If you look at religion objectively, it’s purpose is to convince people to behave in a manner that is beneficial to group survival. Most of their creeds are to promote harmony in the community. Often times going against survival of the fittest individual. As humans we are social animals. Social animals are complex in the sense that we have a constant inner struggle between survival of the fittest group and survival of the fittest individual. It is our natural state. That’s why we have societal moral laws to protect ourselves from those trying to put their own individual survival ahead of the group. We tend to look at those behaviours, or behaviours that cause ourselves or others harm as taboo. It has been man’s ardeous conquest to seperate ourselves from “animalistic” behaviours (individualistic) and promote “civilized” behaviour (group harmony). We will only ever manage to repress what is naturally our make up.

    Religions do/did fundamentally understand this conflict of human nature. Of course, the ancients added supernatural qualities to it before they could understanding the scientific reasoning behind it.

  • Victor says:

    Scientist may be looking for reasons we do those things but we create the situations for drug & alcohol addiction, criminal behavior and (other species are very promiscious).

    The only difference with the first three points is that humans have a capacity to create their enviroment and surroundings artificially.

    Animals don’t make synthetic drugs, nor alcohol, have no use for riches and are too busy with other preditors and competition to engage in organized crime! Lol1

  • *-* says:

    I don’t think you’re correct.
    In nature, flawed animal dies. The nature takes care of that because in nature, only the fittest survive. If we were to let the nature take its course, the humanity would be stronger, healthier and not overpopulated.
    We save every little baby, sick adults, etc, etc – artificially and of course the production of damaged of-springs is much higher. The sick and damaged take away space for the healthy rest.
    l am NOT saying “to kill my unhealthy old, unproductive dad, or my damaged sister, i am just saying that sometimes scientists should leave the nature take its course.

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