Have a Problem With Drug Abuse in Phoenix? Watch Video


Have a problem with drug abuse in Phoenix? Watch video – Its not hard to find drugs- , prescription medication, Ending the addiction is the hard part. For help with drug abuse, Phoenix, watch this video. Our compre…


Dan Morain: California dumps a patient in Nevada

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Two weeks later, a neighbor complained to the sheriff that “a strange woman has been going door to door for the last few days asking for drugs and cigarettes.” Two days later … Clearly, she should have either remained at Napa State or entered an …
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Will Pennsylvania legalize marijuana? Advocates say it's a matter of time

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In the memo, the DOJ outlines a limited pullback on federal enforcement of marijuana laws, saying it will not interfere with new state laws in Colorado and Washington that permit recreational use. … Stedman, in 2011, implemented a sentencing program …
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Miley's naked around construction equipment [VIDEO]

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Just so the metaphor for love isn't lost on her smart fans, the video centers around her swinging on a wrecking ball — half of the time completely naked. She presents herself as emotionally vulnerable with gratuitous close ups of her crying. But …
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Sheriff attacks 'War on Drugs', will testify to Congress next week

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Urquhart said relaxing pot laws are an important first step, though he doesn't support legalization for all drugs. Urquhart's views come from over 30 years in law enforcement, including 12 years as a narcotics investigator. “If I had a dollar for every …
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