Where Do I Find Out About How to Open a Drug Rehabilitation Center in NYC?

Question by shawnshawn: Where do i find out about how to open a drug rehabilitation center in NYC?
Is it government funded or not… anything anyone can give me would help… Thank you.

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Answer by picassogone
Here is how William Benitez started his in NYC…if you go to this site, you can ask them how you can open up a drug rehab, or at least start you in the right direction. I hope this helps. (At the bottom is a site that can help you get started on having your own drug rehab center.)

How did the Narconon program start?
Narconon was founded in 1966 by William Benitez, a heroin addict who was incarcerated in the Arizona State Prison for a long series of drug-related crimes. Benitez wanted to resolve his addiction and through his personal research into workable techniques to kick drugs ran into a book called Fundamentals of Thought, written by American author and humanitarian L.Ron Hubbard. Benitez was able to glean principals out these writings by Mr. Hubbard to improve his ability to communicate about, face up to, and resolve basic life problems that had contributed to his drug addiction and held it in place for many years. Impressed with the effectiveness of this information as it related to drug addiction, Benitez formed an alliance with Mr. Hubbard and developed a workable drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that would free people from drug addiction without the use of substitute drugs or medications. Benitez formed the Narconon organization and Mr. Hubbard continued and shared his research and developments in the drug rehab field. Narconon now has over 30 drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in 11 different countries.

I also found this:
Starting/Running Your Own Narconon Center
Opening A Successful Narconon Center
Running An Effective Narconon Center

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  • wildhair says:

    depends on the type of clinic. What is your client base? Is it the lofty and wealthy or is it the really poor? When aiming a healthcare center whether you get govnt funding depends on whether the people you’re treating can afford the treatment or not. You will also have to have clinical/medical staff certified not just in counseling but also in substance abuse. Are you going to work with insurance companies? If so, find out which ones require what specific licenses to be accepted into the insurance. Some companies will not approve a simple LCSW for treating patients in NYS. You will also have to have proof to the saftey inspector on how you expect to preserve the immediate and physical saftey of all personnel should eg: a fire break out. Also as a clinic, you will need to present a structured program as to how your plan to walk the clients through and WHAT the rehab process will be. Is your center going to bed people or is it going to be a day treatment center. If you are going to have people stay over night or for a few days, you will need to be able to provide health care professional availability 24 hours (insurance/legal reasons). You will need a staff to keep patient records and EVERYONE working will have to be trained on HIPAA laws and patient rights.

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  • Janice Rosa says:

    very well put! it answer my concerns abut marijuana? an mental health,thank u!

  • Joe Gamble says:

    Excellent job Dr.? Holland and Sunil!

  • differentyesterday says:

    What can be done? politically, now that A6357 passed the assembly, 99-41? I’ve already called the office of my district Senator and the Governor. It would be ideal to take action in effectively persuading Cuomo to endorse S4406.

  • macgeek2004 says:

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  • rabbithole420369 says:

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  • Jesus F. Christ says:

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