The Psychopathology of Evil Children


The Psychopathology of Evil Children – Some children—thankfully few—are born without a conscience or the ability to feel compassion. Question: What makes good people do evil things? Michael Stone:…


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Is it better to be lucky or good? In the case of Piers Morgan, maybe it's best to be both. On the heels of Wednesday afternoon's "Big Announcement" by Donald Trump, tonight the "Piers Morgan Tonight" host welcomes the man who crowned him the first-ever …
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16 Responses to The Psychopathology of Evil Children


    awww .

    Now become a serial killer and give me the credit . Mark your victims flesh with a stylized PN (? psycho negro ) mark . Now go forth and kill my minion for I am with you through all hardships .

    Remember you must do a rape for every murder to allow your murdered victim to reincarnate .


  • taitjones81 says:

    I was one of these children. Institutionalized at 12. The two things that made a real difference were
    1. Taking up a discipline
    2. Doing a heavy dose of psilocybin (hallucinogenic mushrooms) at 20.
    And again at 30.
    It’s a rough couple weeks/months when you wake up and realize other people have feelings too.
    I probably get it from my dad who tried to kill my mom when she was pregnant and later in life tried? to kill me on three separate occasions.

  • mary sunshine says:

    i was victim to a bitch who was exactly what he talked about and was a caloused unemotional child and as she grew older became a complete terror. I personally wish some one would have see her for what she was instead of? making excuses for her b/c she was blondeblueeyes cute and could do no wrong. BAD SEED. other kids who were blondblue ect were cool. i wish a psychiatrist had plucked her out of the pack and put her in a mental ward. She was very damaging to others.

  • jordan123123451 says:

    properly? I agree? completely. But what is your definition of that?

  • marcusplaysmusic says:

    He’s dumbing it down for you. The “braking system” he refers to is called the prefrontal cortex. It matures when you turn 25. He’s? completely correct, do some research bro.

  • vennessa lorret says:

    Look up david tennant not? on youtube.

  • Pedro Santos says:

    Probably wouldnt make a difference.? They´re brains have a defect and cannot feels emotions, in the same way some rare people arent able to feel any pleasure or physical pain

  • vennessa lorret says:

    Children do things based on the enviorment? and structure they where raised in it is effective towards there brain that’s why it’s important, for parents to raise there children properly or horrible things will happen.

  • Sid Raman says:

    Do you even know who he? is? Watch his show Most Evil

  • John Doe says:

    This seems like a Dangerous route to go. Wouldnt that just make it? more likely that these kids would just try to be sneaky?

  • Tokatl Quetlatch says:

    He sounds? like he’s making shit up. bad person to represent such a topic

  • TheDurationPlusFive says:

    A fire setting, bed wetting, animal torturer. Wow. Well at least he’s in an institution. For now. I fear for those of us destined to be his victims when some idiot therapist decides he’s just “misunderstood” and lets him out.?

  • Jack Laurence says:

    I remember watching ‘Most Evil’, excellent show on Sky with a bowl of? cold ice cream. Good old days.

  • mortenrobinson says:

    Furthermore the title may very well mislead? individuals into thinking that psychopathology is the same as evil…

  • mortenrobinson says:

    He is talking specifically about anti-social personality disorder and only that! With? a title that refers to such a huge subject i would expect the content to be a little broader than just psychopathy…

  • Evan2718281828 says:

    Huh, I thought this happened to all? children

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