What Ad Banners Are the Most Profitable From Comission Junction to Put on My Website?

Question by john joseph Addiction Help: what ad banners are the most profitable from comission junction to put on my website?
what are the best type of ad banners from comission junction to include on my web site that will make me the most money. my site is 80 pages and will be 700+ by the end of summer. i am building an an alcohol and drug addiction recovery self help site. thanks

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Answer by friendlystranger65
Porn links.

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Lamar Odom Addicted To Drugs & Getting Divorced! So Sad! -BRKDWN – OH NO! Lamar Odom has a drug problem??? SUBSCRIBE! According to TMZ and multiple blog sites NBA player Lamar Odom has been struggling with a bad drug addicti…


Study Showing Oreos to Be Addictive as Cocaine Is Bunk… But It's Hardly

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“Our research supports the theory that high-fat and high-sugar foods stimulate the brain in the same way that drugs do. [These results] lend support to the hypothesis that maladaptive eating behaviors contributing to obesity can be compared to drug …
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'Project Lazarus' brings perscription drug abuse solution before York Co

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Every day, the Centers for Disease Control says 100 people die from drug overdoses in the United States. Here in York … Thursday afternoon, the group hosted a workshop led by Fred Brason, who has led similar efforts to fight prescription drug abuse …
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Drug collection taking place at Kaiser Permanente hospital in Terra Linda on

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The program is part of the White House's prescription drug abuse prevention strategy. The collection helps prevent accidental poisonings and drugs from polluting water supplies. The event is set for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Kaiser is at 99 Montecillo Road in …
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Teens' risky decisions: 'Pharm parties,' drinking

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I-SS has a Student Assistance Program (SAP) in its middle and high schools that provides support groups to students struggling with substance abuse or other grief or anger-related issues. SHS' SAP coordinator, Deborah Poff-Koppelmeyer, said one of the …
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26 Responses to What Ad Banners Are the Most Profitable From Comission Junction to Put on My Website?

  • mhdalamoudi says:

    Personally Google adsense is the easiest yet one of the most earning one on the net lately

  • imisidro says:

    You’re asking the wrong question

    The question to ask is: Given my audience, what are they most likely to buy and what ads will attract them the most?

    CJ is all about PPA — pay per action. And PPA ads mean that the visitors actually RESPOND to the ads.

    Say you run a travel site to Europe. The visitors you will attract are those looking to travel to Europe. So the ads that will make them respond are those ads on hotel reservations, plane reservations, tour companies, luggages, etc.

    For an alcohol and drug addiction recovery site, you need to determine what are the contents of your site and then match the audience with that particular content. For example, if you have a section on activities to do to keep them occupied, then you might want ads for sport companies, travel companies, etc

    So what ad banners are most profitable from CJ? The ones that your audiences are most likely interested in

  • Search Marketing Man says:

    I get the most clickthroughs from the very visual ones but I also get a lot from the text ads as well. People look for text links to learn about information and tend to clickthrough these rather than banner ads.

    For books on the subject I recommend eBay Partner Network or Amazon Affiliate Programs.

  • jt66250 says:

    One thing you may want to do is go through every page of your website or at least every section … then for all of your content think about what are the main keywords you will use… then on CJ do a search for those keywords and see what type of vendors come up…… those may be the vendors you may want to use..

  • klrichardson1234 says:

    I dont think dude on crack he just having a rough patch in his life. His pops,? losing a really close family member, plus his struggles on the court. Its prolly a Kardashian stunt to get attention or something.

  • sparkles6289 says:

    There marriage? is on the rocks so tmz said that Khloe wants to save there marriage but Lamar does not I hope that isn’t true they belong together .

  • ayl33 . says:

    You guys? are sweet

  • SweetDaddyBarron78 says:

    Dude? looks like kanya west to me.

  • adriane23 says:

    Chris? Andersen (Birdman) of the Miami Heat had a serious drug addiction and now he’s an NBA champion. Lamar Odom can come back from this if he puts the work in.

  • ShamelessNation says:

    Black men/white women marriages have the highest? divorce rate.

  • Naomi Baby says:

    Miley? is not no fucking twerkin queen i seen dogs twerk better

  • sadrian whyte says:

    First of khloe only known Lamar for one week and married him in 2 weeks!? She barley new the guy

  • iiNHaLe xXHaLe says:

    Ha, everybody got skeletons in? they closet! Some more visible then other! F**k crack, smoke weed! Best drug on earth! (Just my opinions)

  • Matthew Rodriguez says:

    like father like son I guess,it’s still sad? though.

  • 101paramoresuperfan says:

    He did have teeth? problems though


    I agree with you completely about? the Kim thing & kris humpries Kim doesn’t know the first thing about being a wife!!!

  • badredbone87 says:

    Addiction is a battle and he will need klohe if? its true… But I feel like he is a good man/person nd I wish nothing but the best for him

  • XOnionsoupX says:

    Whyyyy??? I liked them soo much… :(?

  • Jessie Ali says:

    how? sad!

  • egypt7481 says:

    Khole snort cocaine?

  • Jylian Brown says:

    Forgetting the fact that? one of his children died..

  • ChrissyFit Brown says:

    I see Two-Ts checking you out Cynthia if? you know what I mean

  • Armando Lopez says:

    The? heat

  • Gisselle A says:

    To the commentors.?

  • Gisselle A says:

    I hope you guys know this lamar and khloe is a lie she confirmed? it

  • BottleBrassMonkey says:

    YOU”RE BACK!!! Missed u guyzzz….?

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