Parent Education: Understanding Teen Addiction Part 1


Parent Education: Understanding Teen Addiction Part 1 – The Progression of Chemical Use from Experimentation to Addiction:an understanding of the differences”drug abusers” enabling denial “drug testing” “Sacrament…


A mother's mission: Daughter's battle with heroin addiction prompts woman to

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It's the teens she most wants to talk with. They're the ones she wants to help stop using drugs, and prevent from ever trying any. “As you know, (there's) a large opiate problem here,” said Levans, who owns Rocking Fun Music Records & Teen Outreach.
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Teen Truth Speaker Gives Anti-Drug Message

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ERMA — Michael Sarich, who lost a college scholarship and a chance to play Major League Baseball due to drug abuse, spoke in two assemblies at Lower Cape May Regional High School, Oct. 4. The motivational speaker from Teen Truth told seventh, …
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Drug-take-back events help reduce abuse risk

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BENTON — In 2007, the Office of National Drug Control Policy reported that Arkansas had the worst teen prescription-drug-abuse problems in America. In 2010-2011, Arkansas ranked third highest in the U.S. for nonmedical abuse of prescription pain …
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3 Responses to Parent Education: Understanding Teen Addiction Part 1

  • WestRidgeAcademyUtah says:

    Interesting information. Thank? you for posting this video!

  • GlennHa says:

    Decent overview and information,? well presented.

  • ryguycoolest2 says:

    Wow the supposed drug expert is teaching adults how to identify alcohol bottles… Well at least he did that part correctly.. He then in his own damn PowerPoint fails to correctly identify ectstasy and misinforms the whole audience when he shows a picture on the “bottom left” of several different oxy contin pills of various mg and indirectly claims “this is what ecstasy looks like”.? What a tool.. And u wonder why there is so much misinformation about these substances.. Nice try professor.. Fail.

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