The Silent High: Prescription Drug Abuse


The Silent High: Prescription Drug Abuse – Hazelden in Chicago’s clinical director David Cohen is featured in this news piece from ABC’s Chicago affiliate regarding prescription drug abuse and its pat…


Make Laws That Build Uganda

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The parliament was meant to rebuild the country afresh on an even stronger foundation. My point is: While there is so much loud outcry about bad morals, especially, murders, drug abuse, defilement and rape and HIV/AIDS prevalence, in addition to 'sick …


Is ICE More Likely To Incarcerate Pot Smokers Than Rapists And Murderers?

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All others — the remaining four-fifths — had other crimes on their records such as drug, property, immigration, procedural and minor traffic offenses or drunk driving. Specifically … Washington state legalized the recreational use of marijuana last …
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Gloria Glyer: Fundraisers around the Sacramento region

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Sutter Roseville Medical Center Foundation. “Catwalk–Couture–Cuisine” … In addition to benefiting the UC Davis Children's Hospital, proceeds will aid the Sacramento Asian Sports Foundation and other local nonprofits. Visit, … National …
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