My Sis Needs Rehab, but Has No $Can Anyone Recommend an Out Pt Support Drug Grp Meetings in Las Vegas? ?

Question by : My sis needs Rehab, but has no $ Can anyone recommend an out pt support drug grp meetings in las Vegas? ?

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Answer by D.D.
The whole free groups of alcoholics anonymous, narcanon could be helpful and they would know the resources for your area as well.
The yellow pages also list the local mental health centers and they would know, and may have some low cost services.
You could also call the Health Department there and ask if there are low cost rehab, clinics etc.
The mens and womens shelters, listed there , would also know of those resources.
If you yahoo/google search ‘free rehab in las vegas’ a lot comes up. Looks like they have some free ones also.

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