“Drugs Aren’t the Problem”: Neuroscientist Carl Hart on Brain Science & Myths About Addiction


“Drugs Aren’t the Problem”: Neuroscientist Carl Hart on Brain Science & Myths about Addiction – http://www.democracynow.org – As we continue our conversation on the nationwide shift towards liberalizing drug laws, we are joined by the groundbreaking neu…


21 Responses to “Drugs Aren’t the Problem”: Neuroscientist Carl Hart on Brain Science & Myths About Addiction

  • dereckvon says:

    A brilliant honest man.?

  • Live Vegan says:

    Carl Hart’s comments about alcohol are quite misleading. And as far as
    alcohol making people interesting? lol please?

  • AppIicationof SeIf says:

    @Live Vegan
    ‘Neuroscience needs to move into the 21st C and stop torturing nonhumans
    for any whim they have’
    I know right? Rats are way more important than people in the hood. We
    should also let diabetics die without their insulin too huh. It did come
    from experiments on dogs. Fucking vegans. There are food animals that
    currently have better quality of life before they’re killed than some
    people in the world.?

  • J.I. Vargas says:

    More people need to hear this guy!!!!!!!!!?

  • Bobby Gass says:

    Old news for users. Bout time somebody with a degree noticed.?

  • Luther Beckett says:

    Honest, intelligent, straight talk. No BS. Thank you, Dr, Hart.?

  • Justus Jehudi says:

    I cannot stress enough how important moral training is on the population
    than drug control. When the drug control is lifted you lift so many
    aspects of criminal behavior because of the buying and selling of it. The
    effects of the drug should not exclude a person from being guilty of
    criminal offense while under the influence, but society should be taught
    stricter moral code from birth so whether people could purchase any drug or
    alcohol they wised…they simply would not be inclined to commit a crime
    even whacked out of their mind on it…because of their education and
    upbringing in a society where drugs were legal but crime was
    crime…carrying a stiff penalty of consequence.?

  • Shira Goldberg says:

    Can’t wait to have him on as a guest! I am quite the optimistic one!?

  • Dustin Spencer says:

    Thank you Dr. Hart. I enjoyed the book immensely. In my particular
    situation, I’ve seen a lot of what you have seen, unfortunately quite a bit
    more, but in much of the same way. I came to the same conclusion,
    decriminalization of currently illegal substances, from my experiences with
    my culture. I am a so-called ‘Native American Indian’ and I hope this book
    helps to illuminate many of the issues associated with the prohibition of

  • boky ben says:

    Add to this , many of our country’s leading pushers are M.D.s and …
    $$$!!! … but hey it’s legal. In my late 30s I was prescribed pain killers
    for a broken foot. Three months later my marraige was destroyed and I was
    an addict. I was responsible, but at the time, I had NO idea what I was
    getting into and why my life had become such a disaster?

  • TheBlackEcho says:

    so just because a lot of them are doing an about face we are supposed to
    start trusting these doctors and scientists opinion about things we’ve all
    known all along. oh pulease!!!!!

    if anything we should trust these liars and opportunist even less for lying
    to us for so long. they are just on to their latest agenda and it just so
    happens telling the truth about “drugs” actually works to their benefit
    this time.

    with that said, i do admire Dr. Hart’s eloquence and the example he sets
    for young black youths who may feel hopeless.?

  • great567 says:

    Everything is addictive. Even food…just look at Governor Christie?

  • missdiablica666 says:

    I have friends who have done every kind of drug there is legal or not. The
    only time they had issues with it was when there was another problem: work,
    relationship etc. That’s when it got out of control and usually stop if the
    underlying problem was gone.?

  • Matt G. says:

    Patrick J. Kennedy can go have a whiskey and some oxy…idiot! the guy may
    have covered up a rape, got busted driving drunk and high..and now he want
    to moralize us? please… ?

  • goodinohio says:

    The addiction religion is the biggest cop out in the history of the world. ?

  • Alison Myrden says:

    From my sweet friend John Brown…

    Please share…

    Thank U.


    Alison Myrden
    Federal Medical Marijuana Exemptee in Canada
    Retired Law Enforcement Officer
    Speaker for LEAP since 2004
    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
    Canadian Patient Representative for the IACM
    International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines
    Ontario Representative for the Coalition Against Repeal
    MMAR PPL/DPL Coalition Against Repeal

  • robertaglass says:

    Thank you Dr. Hart for your brave truth telling!?

  • Justin Brown says:

    Reminds me so much of Crabman.?

  • LINNLchan7BAND says:

    Oh,..Drugs/(addiction & pushing/marketing) are not the problem? ..or
    atleast not a major secondary one?.*.tell that to the parents* (
    irregardless of race, religion, gender, ect they are of,) who just lost
    their runaway daughter to an overdose to some crack or snowball, on some
    back alley, to drugs like snowballs, are not a problem, although the pusher
    pimp promised her it’d make her feel like a queen, so he could exploit her
    depression and youthful ignorance to sell her on dope, as if candy to a
    child and, thus be able to go out and buy his own fix for his own addiction
    what is what his world has become all about; self, and self’s addiction to
    guess what? Dope.?

  • qualityelectronic says:

    Talks sense.?

  • AfghanApothecary says:

    Preach brother preach?

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