Jail Program Helping Rehab Repeat Offenders


Jail program helping rehab repeat offenders – The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is trying to reduce overcrowding in the county jail by helping inmates kick their drug habits and finding them new jobs. …


Scott Grinstead sentenced to 16 months in Adams case

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He revealed that Grinstead had a history of alcohol and drug abuse, but had gone through an inpatient treatment program and has remained sober for more than a year-and-a-half. Additionally, Grinstead continues in a recovery program at his church.
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George Clooney dating Monika Jakisic

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The couple's four-year marriage has been on the rocks in recent months amidst claims the basketball player cheated on his wife and was dealing with an addiction to cocaine. However, Khloe and Lamar were seen together for first time in many months as …
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One Response to Jail Program Helping Rehab Repeat Offenders

  • eastariel says:

    Why all these repeat offenders? Maybe we need walk-in prisons … you know, a place with all the amenities of prison, yet the inhabitants don’t need to commit a crime and clog the courts in order to live there. Plus, they can leave anytime they wish.
    The state can? donate some land, some garden tools and vegetable seeds so they can grow their own food, and building supplies so they can build themselves simple shelters. And the community can donate them some acceptance and career training.

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