Food Addiction on Living Smart With Patricia Gras


Food Addiction on Living Smart with Patricia Gras – Joan Ifland, author of “Sugars and Flours and how they Make you Sick and Fat” tackles food addiction by understanding the effects of sugars and flours on bod…


Piscatella: Plan health now or deal with sickness later

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"I've learned to control my addiction to certain foods with moderation," Andree said. "I need support … 18, the deadline for 2,500 people to help New Ulm receive $ 100,000 in donations for outdoor fitness equipment and trail improvements including new …
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Harbinger Of Horror? Khloe Kardashian's Marital Issues With Lamar Odom

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… Angeles, serving food to women who had just gotten off the streets. One woman told Khloe about her drug addiction. “I spun out of control,” she said as Khloe nodded. “I had to get treatment.” Khloe concluded, “You can't help anybody who doesn't …
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5 Responses to Food Addiction on Living Smart With Patricia Gras

  • Raj Mitra says:

    Suffering from depression plus obesity ? check out: bit(.)ly/15codTM (like once this helps you, help? others)

  • tammy regis says:

    underwritten in part by Halliburton?! why??

  • busterbrownabc says:

    Great show a lot of? useful information. She spoke the truth. I am a member of Food Addicts in Recovery.

  • Hiren Joshi says:

    Great episode on food addiction. Obesity is a massive problem in the United States, and having per-processed food is a real issue. I find it very interesting how food companies try to hide nutritional values and market the product to children who have no idea what they are consuming is bad for them, because it tastes so good!
    I? never realized how much Sugar and Flour we eat on a daily basis, very informative.

  • Lezlee Brinkman says:

    Wow! Americans eat a pound of sugars and flours a day! That’s crazy. We all need to read Joan Ifland’s book “Sugars and Flours and How They Make You Sick” or even better? watch this episode of Living Smart with Emmy award winner Patricia Gras!! Get started on healthy eating today!!

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