I Really Need an Idea of Something to Draw?

Question by omfgzzitsjessica: I really need an idea of something to draw?
I’m in the mood for simply drawing all day long. My artwork is somewhat similar to the works of Alex Pardee (you can find his artwork at eyesuckink.com) I can’t think of anything to draw. I’ve done plenty of Pardee remakes, so I don’t really want to do that. Hellllppp!

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Answer by meenakshi
The ideas listed below are pretty general. However, you can easily choose any & convert it to Pardee’s style & see how differently they turn out!

I’m listing categories & when you choose individual items from these categories, your list will become Huge ;-))) Moreover, you can choose from various categories to make your drawing tell a “story”.

– the sky [ day & night sky] — sun, moon, clouds, stars, ……
– the elements – rain, fire, water, land, ….
– beaches – sand, oceans, surfers, shells, driftwood, tides, …
– aquatic life – algae, whales, sharks, octopus, coral reefs, deep-sea divers, ….
– islands, boats, ships, nets, trawlers, anglers, ….
– still-life — any & all objects at home, using different light sources & perspectives, shadows & reflections
– yourself, friends & family – portraits, caricatures, ….
– nature from your window — trees, neighborhood, lawns, birds, ….
– animals, including pets
– birds
– plants, trees, flowers, bees & butterflies…..
– humans performing various activities – series of dancers eg.
– transport systems – bus, car, train, plane, spaceship, UFO, ….
– dreams & fantasies
– mountains, rivers, landscapes, …..
– anatomy
the list can go on & on 😉

you can change the same sketch by
– drawing close-ups, or ‘long-shots’
– drawing realistically, in cartoon form or as fantasy forms
– changing the light source, direction & intensity, including night-time
– drawing only outlines or including shading & shadows [2-D v/s 3-D effect]
– using different types of pencils, charcoal, ….. &/or colors – water, oil, acrylic, crayons, pencils, glitter, glass paints, mosaic-work,….
– changing the perspective & angle
– using surrealism, cubism, abstract forms… ….
may be you can go wild ;-)) use diff techniques & media – including pastels, crayons, oils, cut-n-paste, mosaic, cartoon-drawing, symbolism, etc….
– check out old greeting cards, magazines, net images, comic books, etc. to get some ideas. use these ideas to create your own drawing.
– you could make a ‘series’ of any one thing. different ways of going about it :
eg. flowers – have 15 different types of flowers in the 15 drawings;
or, have the same flower [eg. rose] but depicted in different ways – eg. in close-up, in a garden, with a bee humming over it, as a bouquet, in a dried-petal arrangement [glued] along with dried leaves/herbs, & so on;
or, each life-stage of a flower;
or you could change the light source, light intensity, colors [from black n white to monochrome to multicolored]
– you could paint a series on school-related stuff. eg. the different rooms in your school, or the diff articles of school usage, the school colors & emblem, diff activities at school, diff moods of students at school, & so on.

How about trying to Visualize & draw Emotions / Traits, etc. eg. Courage, Love, Fear, Hate, Perseverance, Peace, Joy, Kindness, Naivety, etc.

You could also depict Life stages or Rites of Passage such as Birth, Death, Adulthood, Maturation, Childishness, Teenage years, Mid-life crisis, Old age, Senility, Marriage, Widowhood, becoming a grandparent,….

You could think of some “story”, incident, issue, quotation, joke, … & try to depict them through your sketches.

Some more ideas :
how about Relationships ? – souring, broken, distrustful relationships. represent them in abstract forms & symbols.
a computer on the blink or a frozen webpage or ‘traffic jam’. or Y!A on maintenance 😉
a sleepless night
what a drug-addict experiences — before, after, during use/addiction.
a psyche of a serial killer
Masks representing the 7 deadly sins

http://painting.about.com/od/inspiration/l/bl-Painting-Ideas-Machine.htm AND
generate random ideas for free
www.creativity-portal.com/prompts/365/pictures.html — one picture / photo prompts daily. You can use these to spark your own imagination & creativity.

Hope these help
Have fun 🙂

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