Help With a Topic for My Argumentative Research Paper?

Question by Mary Ashton: Help with a topic for my argumentative research paper?
AP English. I have to write a research paper on a current social issue that affects the community or population in general. Something along the lines of “Should Prostitution be Legalized?” Or “Should teacher be trained and allowed to carry handguns in schools?” I want something fresh. Not Cliché (like should marijuana be legalized or should the drinking age be lowered.” Preferably something that I don’t already have a firm stance on. Any suggestions? Thank you 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Martin
They call them ‘prisons’.

Consensual Prostitution in and of itself is not a pathology, or an addictive behaviour. Except in areas where prostitution is legal, societies answer to to prostitution is prison. Certain other conditions – such as substance abuse abuse and poverty – can lead to prostitution, but the treatment in those case concentrates on the root cause, not the results ( drug rehab, social service programs, etc…).

Note that coerced prostitution is a different scenario. In these cases women (sometimes men) are the victims of human trafficking and blackmail. Again, no ‘rehab’ for those situations, only the hope that law enforcement breaks up the enterprise and the women can be helped through drug rehab, psychiatric care, and social service programs. None of these programs are directed at the actual act of prostitution.

The subject of the sex trade is complex, with too many social variables to go into in this forum. Legal prostitution is one subject, while human trafficking is another situation entirely. Your research paper is going to have to deal with it on those two levels.

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