How to Make My Resume Noticeable?No Prior Job Experience?

Question by kyle: How to make my Resume noticeable?No prior job experience?
I just want to make my resume noticeable so I can get some calls or interviews.Any suggestions?

? Dedicated, service-focused professional seeking to transition into the medical field as a proficient health-care provider.

Competent skills in Venipuncture
Performed blood typing
Examined lab specimens (Blood,Urine,etc.)
Capillary sticks (Finger sticks for glucose and cholestoral testing)
Urinalysis Testing (Examine the urine for sugar, blood etc)
Hematocrit Testing (RBC’c)
Administer Medications
Patient scheduling
Autoclaving (sterilizing instruments for surgical use)
Handle outgoing/incoming calls (triage, re-scheduling appt’s, etc.)
Documentation: Patient charts and EMR.
Exercise Interpersonal Communication
Acquire Vital Signs
Absolute Medical Clinic
Chiropractic and pain management therapy clinic
May 2012-March 2012

BLS Certification
HIPPA certification
Asthma Certification 2007
Defy Drug awareness 2008

Lighthouse Christian School 2008-2011 Student Council President
Sanford Brown Institute 2011-2012 (3.6 GPA) Perfect Attendance Award 2011-2012
Perfect Attendance Award 2011-2012 Medical Assisting

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Answer by Simpson G
It would help to spell HIPAA correctly to begin with.

You are correct, your resume reads more like a college application or Wet Seal application than a real world job application.

Are you certified as a medical assistant and a member of whatever group you should be a member of? If so, this should be VERY clear, not muddled in with “perfect attendence” nonsense. And if not, why not?

The employer assumes that as a graduate from an MA school, you can do all the things you have listed there. If you’d like to include a list of the things included in your education, you can do so on the back of the page or on a separate sheet. What employers want to see now is a history of reliable work experience, that you have worked hard, and that you have had the proper education.

In lieu of experience you focus on your education/training and what you completed in internship/clinicals and where you did them. While job searching, find volunteer work where you can use your skills, even if it’s a Red Cross blood drive.

You also can’t end a job before you started it, so check your work dates with Absolute Medical. And expand on what you did, including accomplishments.

– Absolute Medical Clinic May 2011-March 2012
In additional to traditional reception tasks, I implimented a new filing system that increased office efficiency and decrease charting error by 25%. I frequently was the person the staff turned to for problem solving with computer issues, patient relation issues, and efficiency issues. I regularly shadowed Dr. Jones to learn more about patient interaction and treatment.

– California College Regional Training Center, Long Beach
Medical Assistant Program
August 2012 – January 2013
Completed this course with perfect attendance and am currently working on gaining membership to the AAMA. I scored in the top 5% of all students and was recognized with student of the week awards 3 times. I was invited to return as a mentor for future students.

– California Sports Medicine, Irvine
December 2012 – January 2013
I completed a job shadow and the clinical portion of my program with Dr. Smith. I found myself especially interested in observing the different tone the MA can set simply by calling the patient’s name with a smile and aim to provide similar service in my future employment.

– Red Cross Blood Drives (Various Locations)
August 2010-current
I am a regular volunteer at Red Cross blood drives and with my MA certificate, look forward to being able to perform the actual venipuncture and blood draws. I’ve learned so much about how to put patients at ease with my experiences with Red Cross. This experience also taught me the importance of accurate record keeping, sterilization, and taking the time to do the job correctly.

Hobbies & Volunteering:
Red Cross Volunteer
St. Jude’s Women’s Shelter Volunteer
Newport Beach German Speakers Club
Member of Newport Beach volunteer Chorus

You kinda get the idea.

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