How Do I Become a Judge at a Bbq Competition?

Question by Ward 4. Room 12.: How do I become a judge at a bbq competition?
I have an addiction to bbq food and love the smell of hardwood smoke. I want to be served plate after plate of delecious food. Help me find the way to bliss. I am in the MA/RI area. Thank you.

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Answer by TX2step
Become well-known for your EXPERTISE in culinary skills and ingredients. Lots of people would love to get paid to eat, but not many people have the knowledge to ascertain the individual ingredients used, and critique the methods used….

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4 Responses to How Do I Become a Judge at a Bbq Competition?

  • charcoal rules says:

    Sorry TX2step, there is a real classification fo BBQ Judge.

    Right here.

    I am a certified BBQ Judge and the Kansas City BBQ Society is the only official class.

    Click here for classes in your area. I would also suggest you attend some KCBS Santioned BBQ Contests to see real BBQ and how it is prepared.

    Contact me on the side if you want more detailed info.

  • philzyqotsa says:

    Thanks for the post I was there? amazing show !!!

  • Bill Blaskey says:

    Great show!? Watched from the balcony.

  • theflood99 says:

    Thanks for posting, I should went to this fucking show. Ughh!!! Thank heavens for? youtube! And thanks again.

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