Does Your Teen Go to a Youth Group at a Church?

Question by Tyedyegurlie: Does your teen go to a youth group at a church?
Does your teen go to youth group at a church?
What form of schooling do they use?
How did they start going?
Are they battling something like drug addiction?
What do they do in youth group?
What denomination is the church or other place of worship?
Do they enjoy youth group?

Best answer:

Answer by withlove,jb?
My family does not attend church on a weekly basis.

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3 Responses to Does Your Teen Go to a Youth Group at a Church?

  • Staten Island Ferry Suspended says:

    i teach kids at church

  • someone says:

    Hi, I’m a teen who goes to youth group.
    I attend government high school
    I started going when my family moved house 4 years ago and started to attend the church in question, my parents don’t force me to go, and honestly I’d probably never want to go if they did
    I’m not, I’m a fairly boring teen I don’t drink or smoke either because I’ve seen first hand the damage it does to people when abused
    My youth group tends to go to the movies, we have games nights and compete against each other or go to the beach, we don’t do anything “churchy” it’s just meant to be fun
    It’s a Salvation Army Church
    I used to enjoy it, these days not so much simply as I’m one of the oldest there (I’m 18 and most are about 15) I really only go to support the younger ones these days or when the guys my age attend, then it’s fun

  • Untitled la la bye(My name is Hayley) says:

    Usually this place is for teens so your asking teens about whether they… anyhow my friend does but that’s only because she’s christian (the only one I know.)

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