Addiction Treatment- the Harm Reduction Model


Addiction treatment- The Harm Reduction Model – In the harm reduction model, again, anything in a positive direction is seen as positive. There is nothing in harm reduction that doesn’t suggest that abstin…


Juice Heads: How the Newest Liquid-Nutrition Cultists Are Mastering Their

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“On my last juice cleanse,” says Allison, “I took small sips of green juice” before working out, in the morning, at the barre-method studio chain Physique 57, and in the evening, before spinning classes at Flywheel, where students' energy output is …
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Coronation Street star Kevin Kennedy: I saw the devil by my hospital bed as I

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After years of hell-raising boozing and drug use the actor best known as Curly Watts had hit rock bottom. His wife Clare had left him and bosses had decided to write him out of the soap. But what … It is the first time the actor has spoken out about …


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