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cocaine addiction rehab that helps – 1-855-885-8651 – Do you or a friend Continuallyfight with Cocaine Addiction, we can provide help with addiction inpatient treatment. Cocaine Abuse Hinders the entire Family. …


Story of BeLoved Ministries' Founder Sandi Savage (1)

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I was unhappy in my marriage, so I turned to other men in the middle of it and began to have a series of affairs and developed a cocaine addiction. As a result of that I … I became a leader in helping people step into brokenness. I thought I was in …
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'1982? Starring Hill Harper, Lala, Wayne Brady to World Premiere At TIFF

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The drama is based on a true story that tells of a black father whose wife has a crack cocaine addiction. He works hard to shield his daughter from that same life and experience, while trying to get his wife, her mother, clean again. The story is set …


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