Christians: Which One of These Examples a Better Environment for a Child to Be Raised In?

Question by ChooseRealityPLEASE: Christians: Which one of these examples a better environment for a child to be raised in?
A household where the parents/guardians are a Male and Female, but the male parent is an alcoholic and is cheating on the female and the female smokes and has a mild drug addiction.


A household where both parents are male, drug-free, non-smokers, in a committed relationship?

Please don’t add another example, the purpose of this question is to determine which of these 2 particular scenarios you would deem acceptable for raising a child.

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Answer by cryptic_non_sequitur
Are the druggies christian?

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6 Responses to Christians: Which One of These Examples a Better Environment for a Child to Be Raised In?

  • Lynn says:

    The second one, of course

  • skullhead says:

    Neither should be allowed to adopt but we have no laws that can force the make female from having kids unfortunately the gary couple can’t have kids so there stuck

    God loves both the same but done things are not your everyone. Just like a make isnt to have a period He still loves women the same

  • Yes I am a Antitheist says:

    PROVE IT!!

  • johnno says:

    Neither .. they are not what our God requires.

  • MaryPoppins says:

    Neither of these lifestyles mentioned are acceptable scenarios for raising a child. Alcoholic, smoking and unfaithful parents are not acceptable, and according to my religion, homosexual parents are not acceptable either. Simple as that.

  • For Christ's Kingdom says:

    define better. to me, regardless of the physical health of the parents (though in some cases that is very important) I would say that parents that are loving are always the right parents. parents that place the child’s humanity before their own, whether it is a gay couple of straight are good worthy parents. yes, I am a christian, and I believe that marriage is between male and female, UNDER THE CHURCH. I will not enforce those beliefs upon others, because that is not of christ, that is not of my true humanity. the command that christ gave all of us is, to love God with all our heart by loving our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus said that we will not be judged by our “good deed” or mere belief, Jesus said we will be judged by how well we loved our fellow man. for all those who condemn homosexuals, remember you are in fact condemning christ. “what you have done to the least of these, you have also done it to me”.

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