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Women’s Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centre Vancouver BC | Women Into Healing – http://womenintohealing.com Women’s Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centre in Vancouver BC – Women Into Healing is a Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Centre in the …


Health law could overwhelm addiction services

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In a major break with the past, 4 million people with drug and alcohol problems — from homeless drug addicts to working moms who drink too much — suddenly will become eligible for insurance coverage under the new health care overhaul. RELATED LINK: A …
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'Oh my God, Joe, my daughter is dead,' friend recalls father crying after

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Pamela went into an outpatient treatment program. She got therapy, underwent urine tests and was taking Antabuse, a drug used to treat chronic alcoholism, according to Considine. If a person drinks while taking Antabuse, they suffer side effects such …
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8 Responses to Women’s Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centre Vancouver BC | Women Into Healing

  • Kenya Renee says:

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  • Lynn Morris says:

    I’d like treatment center 2 accept me n not say no n i’m not ready bcos of my? aniety attacks like the 1 ‘s i’ve already aplied 4 who in their ” drug/liquor councilor” mind n xperience says i’m not i no myslf n hav done nothing but want help na / aa just isn’t enuf 4 this fucked up,insecure,resentful hopefulr

  • Susan Campbell says:

    I adore the relaxed, loving? atmosphere in W.I.T.H. With a restriction on the number of visitors they take in at a time, I was able to obtain the individual, personal attention I required.

  • Velma Hughes says:

    I was lost as well as was open to accept the help the team at W.I.T.H. were so prepared to provide. It was very clear that they have an enthusiasm for exactly what they do and also the know-how as? well as expertise to direct me on the path to healing.

  • Ray J. Tolbert says:

    I was not sure treatment would assist me as I had actually been 3 times before however definitely not like a treatment like this. The counsellors and team are there for you around the clock.? It’s so wonderful to see myself in the mirror and also like exactly what I see now.

  • Frank Lambert says:

    Women Into Healing saved my life. I was a suicidal, despondent addict that hated myself. In an environment of protection, comfort and also love, I learned the resources I had to examine myself in the mirror with a smile? – and without shame and guilt.

  • ediezocasiobebe says:

    I love you Women? Into Heaing. You offered me my life back. And also my smile, something I had actually missed for several years. Thank you!

  • CharlesSmith367 says:

    Women Into Healing gave me some awesome support to? turn my life into something I honestly did not believe was feasible.

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