Why Is the DEA So Concerned About States That Have Already Approved Marijuana as a Medicinal Drug?

Question by Kewl_Prez: Why is the DEA so concerned about states that have already approved marijuana as a medicinal drug?
It seems to me that the DEA is sending in battalions of men and women to close medical marijuana facilities. Do the states not have sovereign rights? Here in California the DEA has spent MILLIONS on attempts to close legitimate dispensories. This mis-use of government funding could (and should) be put to better use patrolling our borders for smugglers of heroin or cocaine, or for eradicating the country of the legitimate blight of methamphetimines.

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Answer by Cal
I agree. Im from the Bay Area and its sickening that our state legalizes it, gives people prescriptions, then the DEA comes in and arrests those people as they are walking out of the dispensories and shut them down. If tax payers across the country had a clue of what was going on, they might speak up about it. Nobody seems to notice except people in California. Its disgusting. Meth is so easy to get ahold of in California and all I have to do is not speed in my car until I get home and I’ll get away with it, but if Im a cancer patient or someone who has a medical issue that needs marijuana, I will be arrested when I show up to pick my prescription up.

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2 Responses to Why Is the DEA So Concerned About States That Have Already Approved Marijuana as a Medicinal Drug?

  • hcp56 says:

    It is a question of states rights vs. federal law. Until a case makes its way to the supreme court, they will continue to have problems.

  • mr reuben says:

    I have a feeling that the DEA targets the medical marijuana dispensaries simply because they are easy targets. The dispensaries and patients have to be registered through the state. This gives the DEA all the information they need (names and addresses). They probably have to put in more effort looking for street dealers.

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