Why Is Las Vegas the Only Place Gambling Is Still Legal Besides Indian Reservations?

Question by orchidmg: Why is Las Vegas the only place gambling is still legal besides Indian reservations?
Plus, why did it become illegal to have those small gambling games in bars when you put in quarters to play but when you win, you never get money out of them, just points on a screen?

I understand many people have had gambling addictions and spend their mortgage money at casinos. But why should their addictions make it illegal for all people when many others have no addiction to gambling?

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Answer by LegFuJohnson
I’m curious where you got your information.

Gambling is legal in many places besides Las Vegas and Indian reservations. The entire state of Nevada has casinos, not just Las Vegas.

Atlantic City, NJ has had casinos a lot longer than Indian reservations., and casinos are popping up in dozens of states, not just on Indian land.

I think 48 states have lotteries.

Hard to answer your question when it’s based on really incorrect information. Who told you it was illegal everywhere else?

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5 Responses to Why Is Las Vegas the Only Place Gambling Is Still Legal Besides Indian Reservations?

  • Johnny Cee says:

    Gambling has been legal in Gardena and Inglewood California for years.
    I Cr 13:8a

  • CELESTE says:

    It’s legal in New Orleans – there are about three large casinos in the area, plus poker machines in almost every bar and many restaurants. Although “Gambling” has been outlawed for decades, one of our past governors, Edwin Edwards, got around that by redefining gambling as “Gaming”. It’s amazing what politicians have the power to do – redefine the English language and then of course he awarded his cronies the huge contracts and ended up going to prison for 10 years for corruption. He just got out in his 80’s and got remarried to a woman as young as his daughter. lol

    It’s also legal on the Mississippi Gulf Coast – Waveland, Gulfport, and Biloxi, MS which is about an hour or so drive from New Orleans. To me, the best thing about the casinos are their buffets and I guess they employ a lot of people. I know someone who won a brand new truck, but lost his house gambling. Once people win, many get hooked. But I realize that many also just do it for entertainment and can gamble responsibly.

  • Pascal the Gambler says:

    And Atlantic City, and Riverboats and cruises.

  • gregtkt120012002 says:

    You forgot all the casinos in Atlantic City, NJ. Also, can’t forget that new Resorts Casino at the Aqueducts in NYC. There’s also the Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale, FL. None of the casinos I just listed are on Native American Reservations. There are a few more, that I can’t remember, that aren’t on reservations.

  • finn mchuil says:

    There are casinos and racecourses not to mention bookmakers through out the world. people gamble on everything from sport to cards. They even gamble on the weather……..in fact you can ask a bookmaker for odds on just about anything.
    There is the lottery. The pools. Roulette, cards, car racing, horse racing and dog racing. you can blow your mortgage on betting on who will win the snooker, the golf. Whither it will snow on Christmas or even who will be the next leader of your country.
    You can gamble on line or in person. you can gamble on the tv and blow the kids college fund at the bingo on your blackberry, iphone, ipad or at the local bingo hall.
    Your hard earned cash can go down the drain in any way you choose. Its all legal too. Slot machines, games of chance and a sure fire winner are all screaming “you can give us your cash for a chance of the big win”. Thats the addiction, the chance….. the turn of the card, the roll of the dice and the funny thing is, it’s all licensed too so the government takes a wedge at every turn.

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