Why Do People Take Drugs. Info 5


Why Do People Take Drugs. Info 5 – Why People take drugs. http://drugrehabus.org In this video we go into whay and people takes drugs and what is a drug anyway. Drugs? I discuss what is the de…


Golden Links: The Unexpected Offenders (2)

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A Crime in its simplest definition is any act prohibited by law or the failure of a person to perform an act specifically required by law, whether committed by adults or juveniles. They generally include violent crimes, sex offenses, misdemeanor and …
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Not all drugs are equal

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The definition of a “drug” is a very subjective matter. In South Africa the word … This is a display of the word drug being implicit in reflecting the disdain of illicit drug users while simultaneously ignoring our own legal drug use or abuse. Each …
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Priebus: Obama is orchestrating a government shutdown

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I think it's actually going to be a big problem in the end though, Hugh, for the Democrats.” “I think he's being cute by half, and the biggest albatross around his neck is not only the economy but Obamacare,” Priebus continued. “It's his foreign policy …
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Forbidden ferrets and 255 other new laws in effect

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The legislation on idiots actually is an update of existing laws that define a “mentally ill person” to include “an idiot, an insane person, a lunatic or a person non compos.” Another section of law exempts idiots and lunatics from jury service …
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6 Responses to Why Do People Take Drugs. Info 5

  • Archiesview says:

    Yes, for those who have strong religous beliefs prayer can help a lot. While this is helpful and will assist we have found that it won’t replace the hard work needed by each student to address? their situation and honestly work through the program.

  • Stanley Harris says:

    Pray for God’s? help, prayer can help you gain strength to overcome addictions. It does work for many,
    but also takes persistence.

  • Archiesview says:

    Anybody can be emotional and irrational . They certainly don’t need drugs or alcohol to be like that of course. If they are emotional or unclear in their thinking certainly doesn’t mean they are drug takers. There is absolutely no accusation in my reporting. How you read that into it is an amazing piece of mental gymnastics. What you do is entirely up? to you. I am not here to make judgements even if I do present facts. I am only here to get people off drugs who WANT off.

  • lolitrolUProductions says:

    Come on now, you’re trying to accuse me of taking drugs just because I disagree with the content? That’s ridiculous. As I already said, I don’t take any illegal drugs, and barely touch alcohol either, maybe only once every couple of? months.

  • Archiesview says:

    Please watch the videos series properly as each point you make is well and truly covered and is nothing like the statements you are making in your comment. I am sure you are angry, that’s what drugs? do to a person’s mind. They make them emotional and irrational.

  • Archiesview says:

    It is always amazing that this definition is not seen as it is.? Understanding that makes quite a difference when addressing the situation

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