Why Do Items Have High Prices in the Salvation Army When It Is Supposed to Help the Needy?

Question by ladybug: Why do items have high prices in the Salvation Army when it is supposed to help the needy?
I have several bags to donate but not sure if I should just put them on the freecycle site instead of taking them to the Salvation Army. The last time I went to donate things at the store, I seen the price on some of the stuff and I thought it was high for used stuff. I thought they were supposed to help the needy.

Now I’m debating if I should just put my stuff on the freecycle site versus taking it to the Salvation Army.

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Answer by calin
Our Salvation Army has programs for customers in extreme poverty where every 6 months they can come in and pick out several outfits, socks, underwear, one coat shoes, etc. for free. Also the money they generate from the sales is used to fund their other programs. Places like Goodwill seem to have high prices too but they are also providing jobs and job training for special needs people.

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3 Responses to Why Do Items Have High Prices in the Salvation Army When It Is Supposed to Help the Needy?

  • Willie Green says:

    The needy are helped with revenues procured through the sale of goods. The rent and light bill must also be paid for the store to remain open. The majority of employees are what you might call “needy” also. Some are mentally challenged, where else will they get jobs?

  • scrappysmom says:

    they are extremely expensive. when my aunts house burnt, she went to them for some help with furniture and they told here that since she wasn’t on welfare, she didn’t qualify for help but if she quit her job, to come back.. so I don’t donate to them..

  • Angela C says:

    I’m not sure if using free cycle works, I m pretty new at it. I do know from a very good resource, that Salvation Army does help communities&families in need,ie: Hurricane Katrina – they work alot with the Red Cross foundation. And I heard that their competitor is straight profit. I usualy shop @ Salvation Army in Spring Hill on Wednsdays & Saturdays, everything is 1/2 off except furniture. Happy shopping & selling. Good Luck

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