5 Responses to Where Can I Find a Local Support Group for Sex Addiction?

  • Chaos Named says:

    My advice is to not put this question on the internet. There might be people that will track you down and possibly kill and/or torture you. Not meaning to sound so serious but really.

  • phoster says:

    slaa has chapters in most large cities, usually church based groups. a good place to start as they can direct you to local resources. if it helps any, there are many therapists that believe sex cannot be an addiction. they believe it is a symptom, ocd type behavior brought on by deeper issues. in my case those issues turned out to be childhood sexual abuse, and in many cases i have known have stemmed from some form of trauma. what you are seeing as addiction is often a coping tool you have developed to deal with past problems, and when you adress those root problems the compulsive behavior is much easier to manage.

  • Topsy Turvy says:

    I dont know?

  • jamiet757 says:

    Since your question deals with addiction, you should check out this site, it has lots of helpful info that might help with your question:


    This site has a lot of great resources for people dealing with addiction or recovery, and those who know people who are dealing with it. It is worth a look in my opinion.

  • Darius A says:

    rehab?? isn’t that the place you’re looking for? It’ll have all the answers to your question and some more.

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