What Would You Include in a Drug Abuse Powerpoint?

Question by XX: What would you include in a drug abuse powerpoint?
I’m doing a power point project for health and I need to know the general topics I should cover on drug abuse. I already have the effects of drug abuse and its effect on the brain.
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Wow. I have also done this project not long ago. What i included in my powerpoint was that what type of drugs are legal and what types aren’t, you can also compare some drugs. For example which of these drugs does more damage to your body and how it affects your body. One last thing is that, talk about around which age people start to using drugs, and how often.

(Hint) be sure to talk about students on drug issues:)
hope this helped 🙂

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  • David Katz says:

    This guy was very fortunate to have parents? who cared enough about him to do whatever it took to save his life. Parents must take a proactive role in their children’s lives and communicate with them.

  • oScAr fLoReS says:

    hey im homeless right now next ta a starbucks that is open 24 hour with wifi n im drunk cuz I? cannot take it any more meeh n dad idk just wanted to say I like watching education videos like this one n stuf

  • oScAr fLoReS says:

    nice? ;(

  • TheGuitarRanger says:

    the guy ho is interviewing the junky? looks like a bigger drug user

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