What Type of Drug OxyContin Is ? When It Was First Introduced? Is It a Schedule Controlled Drug?

Question by Islam: What type of drug OxyContin is ? When it was first introduced? Is it a schedule controlled drug?
OxyContin®, commonly known on the street as OC, OX, Oxy, Oxycotton, Hillbilly heroin, and kicker, led to a marked escalation of its abuse as reported by drug abuse treatment centers, law enforcement personnel, and health care professionals.

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Answer by ckm1956
1) long acting narcotic
2) 1996
3) Schedule II narcotic

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  • Ahuq14 says:

    Introduction in 1996
    Although the diversion and abuse of OxyContin® appeared initially in the eastern US, it has now spread to the western US including Alaska and Hawaii. Oxycodone-related adverse health effects increased markedly in recent years.
    Oxycodone is a Schedule II narcotic analgesic and is widely used in clinical medicine.

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