What Social and Personal Factors Induce Millions of People to Abuse Drugs and Alcohol?

Question by joker_vs_joker: What social and personal factors induce millions of people to abuse drugs and alcohol?
What social and personal factors induce millions of people to abuse drugs and alcohol despite all the publicity regarding the negative effects of drug abuse?

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Answer by larry o
drugs and alcohol provide a temporary escape from reality and sometimes that helps. especially since reality has gotten a lot more harsh lately than it ever was before. no one considers the negative affects b/c they think that their use of drugs is temporary and they can stop when they feel better. they’re usually wrong.

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The impact of drug abuse in our society.wmv – Presentation#1.


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5 Responses to What Social and Personal Factors Induce Millions of People to Abuse Drugs and Alcohol?

  • aannc44 says:

    Stress, self medicating due to mental illness or any other ailment, escape from their reality if only for a short period of time. The fact that something is wrong or bad for you not only can make it more appealing for some, but often falls on deaf ears due to the positive effects of the drug of choice. Once someone is in fact addicted, which both of these mentioned are highly, then comes a whole new factor to battle.

  • Trip says:

    people with addictive personalities. People who are impulsive, are extremely dependent and have weak copeing skills

  • Jacey says:

    The decision to abuse drugs and alcohol is just a state of mind. As human beings we battle the demons in our heads every second of the day, the fact that the philosophy of materialism ignores the reality of human nature blinds us to all the good things that we already have. The point is, society doesn’t control people, people only control the society and their lives for that matter.

  • danceconcepts06 says:

    In my opinion, stress!!!! Sometimes life can be unbearable and ppl use alcohol/drugs to “get away”.

    Its not right, but it’s quick and easy.

    I used to drink to avoid certain issue in my life, but it always made it worse. I’ve been sober for 2 months now (long for me!) and i feel so much better.

    Also, peer pressure is a huge influence, esp. with alcohol. People just want to fit in.

  • gir1y says:

    low self esteem due to bad parenting, neglect, etc. Nobody really understands exactly how astronomicaly huge the responsibility of raising a child really is. The parent is moraly at the very least held responsible by society to instill into that childs extremely vulnerable, shapable mind from day one all of the various important feelings and experiences such as being loved, feeling love, knowing thier safe,etc. Then later they should learn kindness, compasion, how to treat others well and such. Too many people who have become parents are too busy, just dont care enough, were not loved themselves as children, etc and they never make certian that even the basics I’ve mentioned here are imputed and understood by their children. And because this is true many American parents today, people grow up feeling unloved, unimportant, lost, depressed and mostly they end up with low self esteem and they just want to be happy and feel better even if it’s only temperary and this is the perfect breeding ground to grow a very addicted mind. So I’ll say low self esteem due to bad parenting is what is responsible for why kids take drugs even when they know full well about any and all reprocussions which could and do follow.OKbye

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