What Qualifies Something as an Addiction?

Question by Rae: What qualifies something as an addiction?
I know, addictions like alcoholism are clearly seen, but what about other things?

Am I addicted to tea and coffee if I have 1-2 servings a day? BUT need those things to function normally, so even though its not excess, is it an addiction?

Or, online shopping, I’ll buy a few shirts each month, am I addicted to clothes?

The list goes on and on. Is the difference moderation versus addiction?

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Answer by Andrea
It is an addiction if it has a seriously detrimental effect on your life. If you spend your rent on shirts and get evicted, then it could be called an addiction. If you continue to drink tea even if a doctor tells you that it will kill you, then you could call it an addiction. However you can easily have a mild physical addiction to caffeine….. and will go through withdrawals if you quit taking it suddenly.

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16 Responses to What Qualifies Something as an Addiction?

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