What Is Your Personal Definition of Addiction?

Question by TexasTechGirly: What is your personal definition of addiction?
I am doing a project for my addictions class, almost everyone has gone through an addiction or knows a loved one who has. (This includes drugs, alcohol, shopping, self-harm, eating disorder, anything that has an aspect of addicting characteristics) Your response will be completely anonymous on my project.

Please just write a personal definition of addiction, and if you would like, a little explanation from personal experience to go with it!

Thank you so much!

Additional Details
I am doing a deck of (52) cards, and putting a personal definition of addiction on each card. The deck of cards represents “gambling” addiction, and the definitions just show the perception society has on addiction.There is no “exact” definition of addiction and every definition is bound to be different because of each persons individual experience with the disorder.

I have 30 AWESOME descriptions, just 22 more! Thanks so much for your help!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by ben
When you can’t go (or struggle to go) a day without doing something specific

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  • Charlotte says:

    I think mine would be that you can’t stop doing it and if you can’t do it it interferes with your life. Like you just feel like if you couldn’t do whatever your “addicted” to is like someone telling you you cant do it then it’s like telling you you can’t eat, drink, sleep.

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