What Is the Holistic Approach to Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Recovery?

Question by Ashley: What is the Holistic Approach to Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Recovery?
I heard some kids in school talking about a holistic approach in relation to drug and alcohol addiction. Does anybody know more about it? I’m just interested.

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Answer by chelsea
I think it’s a special program given to people who are suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. They provide treatment and services to help the patient recover faster. There’s a website about the Holistic Approach. I added the link below. It’s really informative.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers | How to Choose Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Arizona – http://blueprintsforrecovery.com Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Arizona – In this video, we discuss the basic components of any good drug rehab progra…


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"We have to recognize that people with drug or alcohol addictions may be different and it's not one monolithic disorder," Saitz said. "I do think that integrated chronic care management, in the future, is going to be efficacious for people with …
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More want help for alcohol and drug woes

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Health experts are warning the State Government against downgrading any drug addiction services, as figures reveal clinics are handling more alcohol and cannabis problems and a surge in helpline calls from parents. The State Government's Drug and …
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Cory Monteith died of 'intravenous heroin use,' alcohol, coroner says

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"Glee" star Cory Monteith died of mixed drug toxicity, involving intravenous heroin use and ingestion of alcohol, according the final report from the British Columbia Coroners Service issued Wednesday. The report also ruled the 31-year-old's death …
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11 Responses to What Is the Holistic Approach to Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Recovery?

  • julieforbaby says:

    Parents call an authority from a military camp to come get you while you least expect it and take you to camp, like juvenile hall.

  • Rana Murdock says:

    Helpful video – trying to? figure out where to send my daughter.

  • Delmy Ribble says:

    very? informative!

  • Caprice Heppner says:

    Blueprints for recovery is awesome, my brother went there and? it saved his life – cool place.

  • Debroah Hornbuckle says:

    Thanks for saying that addiction is a disease. I get so tired of people telling me to? just quit, not so easy to “just quit”. My best friend died from OD and I so wish she would have gone to a treatment center.

  • Monty Franks says:

    Makes sense to me – now to get my partner to watch.

  • Travis Lott says:

    cool, thanks? for the vid.

  • Kourtney Ruocco says:

    My brother’s in rehab and I was curious about what he’s going through. Doesn’t sound as scary? as I thought.

  • Bernardine Hiltner says:

    Not sure if treatment is the way to go for me? but at least I know a little bit more about it now, thanks.

  • Wes Staggers says:

    Great video, very helpful. My son is really? struggling right now and I checked out the place you linked to and they sound good.

  • Kevin Swanson says:

    Thanks for the great info regarding treatment centers. There’s so much confusing stuff online to sort through, this was helpful. I’ve been pulling my hair? out trying to figure it all out.

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