What Is the Community of Priests Who Devote Themselves to the Rehabilitation of Priests Addicted to Alcohol ?

Question by edita t: what is the community of priests who devote themselves to the rehabilitation of priests addicted to alcohol ?
pls find the answer

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Never heard of it.

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  • musiu_2001 says:

    All the following provide rehabilitation to alcoholic priests.

    1. The Paulist Fathers run Friendship House
    Friendship House is a treatment facility for alcoholic priests and brothers located in Mangalore, a city in the southern west coast of India.

    2. The Order of Servants of the Paraclete runs the Vianney Renewal Center
    The Servants of the Paraclete claims to be the only Catholic religious order in USA devoted to ministering to broken priests and brothers. The Vianney Renewal Center is a faith-directed supportive community for priests and brothers who are desirous of living their priesthood, even though they may not be able to engage in active ministry for personal, health-related, psychological, social or canonical reasons. The Vianney Renewal Center is located in Dittmer, Missouri, USA.

    3. Fr. Stephen J. Rossetti (a priest of the Diocese of Syracuse, New York) runs the Saint Luke Institute
    The Saint Luke Institute is a licensed, private residential facility specializing in promoting the health and well-being of women and men religious, clergy and others involved in church ministry.
    It is located in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

    4. Catholic lay persons run the Southdown Institute.
    The Southdown Institute treats Catholic clergy, religious and other clergy for psychological and addiction problems. Each person who goes to Southdown must be sponsored by a religious community or diocese. The Institute is located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

    5. Catholic lay people run Guest House
    Guest House provides treatment to Catholic priests, deacons, brothers, seminarians and women religious with alcoholism, other chemical dependencies and related problems. The centre in Rochester, Minnesota is for priests and male religious and the one in Lake Orion, Michigan is for women religious.

    6. The National Catholic Council on Alcoholism and Related Drug Problems, Inc. (NCCA) is affiliated with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
    The NCCA is committed to assisting its members to a greater awareness and acceptance of alcoholism, other chemical addictions and prevention issues. It is based at the Guest House facility at Lake Orion.

    I note that you ask others to find the answer. I retort that you could have looked for it yourself. I also note the comment on google that Southdown Institute, Guest House and NCCA were not the answers that you wanted. Well, if what I have supplied is still inadequate, then you’ll have to go whistle.

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