What Is the Best Drug Rehab for Young Adults?

Question by Mary Williams: What is the best drug rehab for young adults?
I am trying to find the best treatment center in Arizona for my little brother. He is 21 and using heroin. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Bill Davis
There are many great treatment centers for drug and alcohol addiction. Depending on your brother’s circumstances he may need long term treatment. Addiction is a disease of the mind as well as the body. I would suggest that you explore a treatment facility that incorporates 12 step focused recovery as well as life skills and schooling. If you are looking for something specifically in Arizona I would suggest you explore Back2Basics in Flagstaff, AZ.


Treatment centers usually treat people nationwide, for a wide variety of needs ie. detox services, treatment, and aftercare. It is important to get people into treatment quickly, as heroin and opiate use can be fatal. There is hope and there is help!

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