3 Responses to What Is a Reasonable Compensation Claim for an Pain and Suffering Incurred From a Car Accident?

  • Shaq iz Phat says:

    Why wouldn’t you consult a lawyer? Most auto-accident lawyers work on contingency, meaning they don’t get paid unless you win.

    I was involved in an accident also where my car was totalled and I was injured (the airbag went off but I was not severely injured). I had to see a chiropractor for 4 months.

    We ended up settling out of court for $ 12k for injuries plus cost of the car.

  • Nysa says:

    There’s no way of knowing what kind of compensation you should be looking at for Pain and Suffering. All insurance companies figure that out differently. You’re best bet is to consult a lawyer. It’s free until you get a settlement and lawyers will generally get you a whopping more money than you alone will do.

    One thing you should be aware of is that many insurance claim adjuster don’t consider soft tissue “pain” or “bruising” to be of any acute concern. That’s where a lawyer will help. If you don’t have any broken bones or major injuries, you won’t get much.

    Good luck with the show (it must go on!) and I hope you do feel better soon.

  • MrMacGregor says:

    Don’t forget benzos. They’re among the worst and longest? detox.

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