What Do You Think Is the Suicide Rate of Our Veterans Per Day?

Question by James: What do you think is the suicide rate of our veterans per day?
From the anti war . com website it is revealed it is 18 per day or 6,720 per year and so today we lost 12 to a killing spree while 18 others took their lives from PTSD, HOMELESSNESS and DRUG ABUSE due to the horrors of war. So, should we get out of war completely? Is this the answer we wanted for 911? Your thoughts?

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Answer by Liberal AssKicker
No one knows.

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Veterans and Substance Abuse, Enterprise News Story – Jackie Zabielski is a traffic, features and news reporter on Long Island, New York. www.JackieZabielski.com.


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8 Responses to What Do You Think Is the Suicide Rate of Our Veterans Per Day?

  • Your Assistant says:

    You are 100% accurate and being one of those vets I think about it every day. They are so unprepared for the war casualties at home. That site you mentioned is very accurate and back up their sources. I am glad you pointed it out.


    Thanks if you served.
    Your assistant

  • Kevin G says:

    if people stopped f ing with us i’m sure we wouldn’t get into so many wars. Go figure.

  • Insanity Has A Liberal Bias says:

    You do realize that most of those soldiers have preexisting conditions, right?

  • likn my life says:

    I dunno but I do know that I am very close to someone who is a military psychologist. Actually, it was just today that this person informed me she is leaving the military and psychology for good. Can’t take it anymore. This man today was a psychiatrist.

    Who do we turn to when our mental health people are so burnt out from all of this war atrocity that they are the ones going nuts? I believe this speaks volumes on its own.

  • Boko's Back says:

    Horrendous. These people are made invisible because we’re told not to look at them. Bush will rot in hell.

  • DAVID says:

    Get a life lib. War is always the last answer, never wanted. Sometimes it is needed though. I can see that you have never served, and know nothing of what you talk about.


    for those blaming the veterans administration for this you are sorely mistaken. the help is here and can be very helpful. the problem is getting the veteran to come and get the services offered to them. I have worked outreach programs for the V.A. and been out on the streets trying to get help to the vets, most wont accept it.the ones who do usually get the help they need but just like in addiction you first have to acknowledge the problem before you can treat it.

  • Sugar says:

    It is so sad, Way more than we would like.

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