What Do People Do in Drug Rehab Programs?

Question by brucelee45x: What do people do in drug rehab programs?
I was arrested for alleged possession of marijuana. I never had it on me yet the cop claims he saw me with marijuana I went to court the cop as always never provides the video that he says “clearly” saw me hold the marijuana simply because he knows there is no video. Anyways, i get an ACD from the judge which is good but she also is sending me to a drug rehab for a week. I have no idea why because i’ve never done any illegal drugs in my life but fine i’ll go. This will be the 1st time in history that someone who’s never done illegal drugs will be in drug rehab. What will i do there?
I really have never touched an illegal drug in my life. I know the cop lied about the marijuana possession thing and i’m going to take him to court over it. i have drug tests to prove that i’ve never done any illegal drugs. Drug tests that came out negative in my favor. Yet I’m forced to go to drug program even though it’s useless. Maybe i’ll learn about other people’s problems but i don’t care about other people.

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Answer by Loch
This will actually be about the millionth time someone went to drug rehab that didn’t think they “needed” to. That may sound preachy but no, it is not. The answer is quite simple despite the fact that this subject is widely debated on various eclectic forums. No one needs to be in drug rehab unless they put themselves there. The legal system simply sees rehab as a safe option whether you need it or not. If you do, then great, if not then no great loss.

As to the question of what you will do there, it greatly depends on the type of center in which you are placed. If it is an outpatient program such as IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) then you will be required to attend a certain number of meetings or groups at the predetermined center each week. If you are placed in an inpatient program then the same rules apply but you will be required to attend groups and meetings (usually) in order to be released based on the judgment received in court.

Either way, you will know whether you need it or not because anyone who is actually an addict will eventually realize they have a problem whether they do something about it or not. If you are not an addict and just use something sometimes recreationally then attend the meetings and go through the motions until you get out. You may eventually realize you have a problem but that is something people do on an individual level and has never, in my experience, been manifested through court order.

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