What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Addiction or Substance Abuse?


What are the signs and symptoms of addiction or substance abuse? – In this Twoology video, addiction expert, Kendall Evans, M.F.T., shares 18 signs and symptoms of addiction or substance abuse.Suspicions of addictive behavio…


Lamar Odom Moved Out, Left Khloe Kardashian to Do Drugs; Reportedly Doesn

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A new report says it was Lamar Odom's decision to move out of the home he shared with Khloe Kardashian, and that he does not want help for drug abuse. The NBA star has turned a blind eye to his addiction issues and ignored her ongoing plea for him to …
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Big Changes For Addiction Treatment Predicted Under Obamacare

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An estimated 40 million people could enter treatment because the health law recognizes drug addiction and alcoholism as chronic diseases that must be covered by insurance plans, according to the California Health Report. Other news outlets report that …
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