What Are a Parents Rights vs. NV CPS if One Parent Passes Drug Test , and the Other Passes Only Hair Test?

Question by Krista: What are a parents rights vs. NV CPS if one parent passes drug test , and the other passes only hair test?
CPS took my friends child from his grandparents, whom he was visiting in another state, and when he was returned to his parents in NV, CPS came and took him again. His parents were ordered to test for drug abuse, one parent passed, the other passed the hair but not the urine test. What are their rights, and what happens now, can the clean parent obtain custody?

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Answer by Artemis Agrotera
CAN the clean parent regain custody? Sure.

But you haven’t provided enough information for anyone to be able to predict whether or not the clean parent will regain custody.

Do the parents live together? If so, then the clean parent won’t regain custody until the drug using parent is clean or out of the house.

But substance abuse is only one reason why the child was removed. CPS will likely require services, assessments and classes before allowing the child to be removed – even to the clean parent.

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