Tommy Chong: “Prison Gave Me Cancer, Treating With Hemp Oil”


Tommy Chong: “Prison Gave Me Cancer, Treating with Hemp Oil” – 06/10/2012 RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story Tommy Chong, one-half of the marijuana-loving “Cheech and Chong” comedy duo, is battling prostate cancer, he announced Saturday on CNN. Having first noticed symptoms about eight years ago while incarcerated for selling drug paraphernalia, Chong said he was diagnosed “about a month ago.” He revealed his condition in an interview about his support for decriminalizing marijuana use and sales. “I’ve got prostate cancer, and I’m treating it with hemp oil, with cannabis,” he told CNN’s Don Lemon. “So (legalizing marijuana) means a lot more to me than just being able to smoke a joint without being arrested.” Chong described the cancer “as a slow stage one (that I’ve) had for a long time.” He said that he was drug free for about three years, during which time he began having prostate-related problems. “So I know it had nothing to do with cannabis,” he said. “Cannabis is a cure.” He and his on-screen partner Cheech Marin recorded a series of hot-selling comedy albums in the early 1970s, before hitting the big screen in 1978 with “Up in Smoke.” It was the first of several “Cheech and Chong” films chronicling the adventures and misadventures of the stoner pair. The two continue to tour as a comedic act, with shows scheduled for later this month and the fall, according to their official website. Besides the “Cheech and Chong” films, Chong has appeared in several TV series, such as “That 70’s Show.” He’s authored


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15 Responses to Tommy Chong: “Prison Gave Me Cancer, Treating With Hemp Oil”

  • William DeZauche says:

    I agree with you 100 percent, but we have to think about the best deal we could expect to get from this corrupt government.

    In the U.S. today, the average citizen is considered to be, and is treated, like a child. The leaders will not grant us another “priviledge” (free access to cannabis) without? us paying them a “fee” for the priviledge.

    Personally, I would not complain about a small, reasonable tax on cannabis if I knew those bastards would leave me the fuck alone.

  • fucidol says:

    agreed against greed… fuck taxing? cannabis…motherfuckers have BEEN taxing cannabis consumers by taking their medicine,their time, charging court fees-lawyer fees, probation-parole fees, many people have lost their jobs, family, and homes because of the governments fucking retarded ass ignorance….alcohol and cigarettes are taxed because they fuckin kill….. cannabis heals the adverse health effects of booze and cancer sticks not to mention many other conditions,illnesses, and or diseases.

  • Rune31 says:

    “I’m? back,man!”

  • hellomynameisnipple says:

    Never mind in the most? recent one he says it had

  • hellomynameisnipple says:

    he says the hemp oil has done nothing recently? in his potcast

  • MrFarbu says:

    Help support us! >>> Help educate the community about hemp/ cannabis.

  • byron22scott says:

    CNN? always makes me smile the guy pretends he is not capable of understanding the no tax issue lol. Keep drinking the fluoride USA and voting for liars

  • 45shixa7 says:

    that reporter was dumb, i hate how they always manipulate and twist their questions and words? around

  • amunaor says:

    What’s really going on here is that the ‘Industry’, unable to patent the plant as it sprouts directly from the earth, seeks to chemically mutate it so that it can control and price it.

    The third leading cause of deaths in the USA is the Pharmaceutical Industry, only to be topped by heart desease and cancer. Do want these white robed, money grubbing chemists, draped? with stethescopes to be poking around in your health food plot? I think not!

  • TheBGZ187 says:

    Weed? helps my asthma, not smoking it but ingesting it. I’m tired of being held back.

  • itsazy says:

    <3 Chong. Fuck taxes... I'm tired of being forced at gun? point to help fund war.

  • RunAMuckGirl2 says:

    Most excellent news!! Thanks for sharing with us. :o)?

  • EssiacHempLaetrile says:

    June 10 “I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer I’m going to start treating with Hemp Oil. The reason why I’m treating with Hemp Oil I saw a video called RUN FROM THE CURE by Rick Simpson, it documents how he cured his Melanoma Cancer using Hemp Oil”*
    July 12 “Got blood test results, Hemp Oil is working! PSA DOWN to 2 (below? 4 is normal) yes”*
    July 15 “Did I mention I’m 99% CANCER FREE? Thanks Hemp Oil”*
    July 20 “I’m on The Daily Show this coming Tuesday talking about what else pot!”*
    *Tommy Chong

  • wheelmanstan says:

    legalize pot already you dumb fucks, jeeeez, I’m living in? planet of the retards

  • PsychedelicTimeTrip says:

    i hope you bet it and get? better tommy chong

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