The Cure for Drug Addiction Is Drugs!


The Cure for Drug Addiction is Drugs! – Share this video: Source: Sc…


Legislators question Medicaid's effect on drug abuse

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MetroHealth, a public hospital system in Cleveland, worked with the federal government to expand Medicaid in February to Cuyahoga County residents who use its hospital system and whose incomes fall within 133 percent of the federal poverty line, …
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Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom — Khloe's Dark Secret

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Khloe Kardashian kept Lamar Odom's crack addiction secret from her entire family for most of her marriage … TMZ has learned. Sources connected to the family tell us . … Our sources say Khloe told private investigators Lamar was addicted to …


Neurochemical changes caused by drug abuse are reversed after withdrawal

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One of the many problems associated with long-term drug abuse is the changes it makes to the body, especially to the chemicals in the brain. In methamphetamine users, levels of creatinine and N-acetylaspartate, which is a marker of neuronal integrity …
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7 Responses to The Cure for Drug Addiction Is Drugs!

  • Ingen Ting says:

    That depends. Methadone may intensify the physical effects of other opiates though it diminishes the “high” usually and the cravings for using, but SubutexSuboxone (Buprenorphine)? blocks the effects of other opiates.

  • 418laylah says:

    This guy is an ass and very hard? to watch!

  • kabo123 says:

    I was never addicted to anything, so dont think im using it as an excuse. there are tons of? drugs such as alcohol and opiates that make you physically addicted. And of course in the beginning its poor choices that get you addicted but it comes to a point where you need the drugs just to feel normal you can call it a disease

  • jack99molloy says:

    No,addiction is not an illness it’s a state of mind that everybody has,it’s basically when the body gets? rewarded for taking a substance (mentally not physically),so the body wants more ,it’s about how the person can just stop,and I think that when a drug addict says its a “disease” or an “illness”,I just think there using that as an excuse so that people take pity on them

  • abasba abababa says:


  • kabo123 says:

    addiction is? an illness not a choice (of course once you are addicted)

  • MsOneiroi77 says:

    the best cure is preventative don’t take the thing. What is it with morons thinking that’s an alternative lifestyle choice? in the first place! So is joining a cult and drinking koolaid

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