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TV Commercial and Inside Look at Passages Malibu Addiction Rehab Center


TV commercial and inside look at Passages Malibu Addiction Rehab Center – Passages Addiction Treatment Centers are accredited by The Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations (aka JCAHO) and are among the mere 6% of substance ab…


Elliott Smith: 'Mr. Misery' Revisited, 10 Years After the Singer-Songwriter's

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Something had obviously torn him apart well before he arrived at David McConnell's doorstep in Malibu. Yet he was not a hapless victim. In flooding his system with heroin, cocaine, tranquilizers, and alcohol, Smith chose a very particular combination …
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Can Two People in a Houseold Have Third Person Living There Innvoluntarily Hve the Third Person Committed to A?

Question by carol_savage2000: can two people in a houseold have third person living there innvoluntarily hve the third person committed to a?
Can 2 people living together have a third person living there involuntarily committed to drug or alclhol abure treatment center. We live in Georgia.
involumtarily sent to a alcohol or drug treatmen center.
Does the patient hany say in it

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Answer by Zyzzyx
I suppose that even in Georgia there would be outside authorities rendering analysis.

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Hope Diaries 3: The Treatment Center


Seafield Center for Alcohol and Substance Abuse


Seafield Center for Alcohol and Substance Abuse – Seafield Center for Alcohol and Substance Abuse 1-800-448-4808 www.SeafieldCenter.Com The Seafield Center was founded in May 1985 by George W. Benedict. Seafield has helped tens of thousands of individuals suffering from addiction to alcohol and other substances and their family members. Originally founded as a sixty (60) bed inpatient treatment facility, Seafield expanded to eighty (80) beds in 1989 and then to ninety (90) in April of 2007. Seafield opened its first outpatient treatment center in 1988 in Melville. Seafield is licensed by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Contact Us For Help: 7 Seafield Lane Westhampton Beach, NY 11978 Phone: (631) 288-1122 Fax: (631) 288-1638 (c) WVVH-TV 2009

What Kind of Treatment Program Should a Xanax Addict Undergo?

Question by daniella s: What kind of treatment program should a Xanax addict undergo?
I was just wondering about this because I know there are a lot of treatment methods and programs available for illicit drug users. This made me think that surely there must be treatment options for people with Xanax addiction too.

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Dr. Montes: Neurobiology of Addiction Part 1