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JOE ROGAN Talks About IBOGA TRIP!!! Iboga Treatment vs. DMT


JOE ROGAN talks about IBOGA TRIP!!! Iboga Treatment vs. DMT – Iboga is a plant that is relatively unknown but is said by those who take it to unlock the truth and reconnect them to their soul for greater freedom. It is not a “psychedelic” per se but a tool to flood the conditioning in order to see, listen, speak, and act from your soul. Aubrey Marcus, maker of Alpha Brain ( goes for Iboga Treatment and talks about it all on the Joe Rogan Experience (03-13-12). He recount the mind-blowing Iboga journey guided by a 10th generation Bwiti Shaman at the Iboga House. Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus make comparisons between DMT/Ayahuasca and Iboga and insights are recounted including the future of humanity and the nature of the universe. Iboga has helped many, especially those with drug addictions, PTSD, depression, anxiety, depersonalization, and detoxing from candida, mercury and microbes. Visit Iboga House for Iboga Treatment: Tune in each week to the JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE Read the full journey at Aubrey Marcus’ awesome blog & experience lucid dreaming with his new product ALPHAbrain